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  1. Awesome, thanks for the information! I understand it now However, is there any chance you had to look at my suggestion right here with the issue of the reputation system right now. I would absolutely love to know if you'd be adding this or not. Would fix PvP for me. Otherwise I can't really PvP unless I completely let go of my dream to be positive rep only
  2. Thanks for the reply. However, I don't feel like my question as been adequately answered. Indeed it is a survival game, therefore do whatever it takes to survive should be the goal. Knowing that, if a person ever were to run into a group of 5 there is NO chance that one person would survive, therefore grouping up is the BEST way. It's a numbers-game precisely. This means when grouping up you have a better advantage in surviving, this does NOT mean putting faith into other players and accepting creating a group means they now get to know exactly where your location is and also do damage to kill you. By doing this, there is literally no reason to have this group feature. Just have it for clans only.... Also, long-term. This also incentives players to do exactly what you just said "not to trust anyone". I mean, is that really a community we'd like to create? Of course it's ultimately you're decisions, I can only give my suggestions and input. Thanks.
  3. Hi... Would love for someone to logically tell me why in the world is killing your group members on? This create a dogshit experience for anyone trying to group up. These dogshit kill-on-sight people literally trick me into grouping up with them because they said they'll group n loot with me. Then they literally kill me for my fucking 1 bandage......... Not a survival game if you keep this sort of gameplay... Finally writing about this because this has happened 6 times already and now my only option is to literally never look for a group and just play alone solo.... Not a good "survival" experience.
  4. Not 100% how WarZ did it.. However, their next game, Romero's Aftermath, they did the reputation system flawlessly in my opinion. If a normal civilian attacks any other civilian or +rep, then they are flagged for like 2 minutes and any good guy and civilian can kill the flagged for +rep. While naturally, good guys killing bad guys give +rep and reversely, bad guys killing civilians or good guys give -rep. I wouldn't mind if I don't get a +rep for defending myself.... but there needs to be a change for no rep or a +rep because I literally can't defend myself in-game.... Which sucks and hurts my gameplay badly
  5. Hi there! I am a very much PvE experience player. I like to gather loot and kill zombie, I understand that 95% of players here are on the other side and will kill-on-sight. This is why I'd like to get a positive reputation score and become a "good guy" in-game. However, there is a HUGE flaw with the reputation system right now. I am been attacked multiple times just while minding my own business, once a player hits me I then attack back solely to defend myself. However, the big issue here is that they were a Civilian as well and now I get a negative reputation score... This needs to change, hopefully ASAP. If a civilian attacks another civilian/good guy, they need to be "FLAGGED" as a PvP-Aggressor or call it whatever, then if anyone kills a PvP-Aggressor, they will get a positive reputation score. Because in the current state, I am screwed.... If someone attacks me and they are a civilian (which is the majority of people) then the only option I have is to completely disengage the fight and run away hopefully not dying in the process. This is not a fun time or good gameplay mechanic. Hopefully you guys can consider my input and implement this, thanks so much!
  6. Hi there NewZ team! I believe it would be extremely beneficial if when shooting an arrow from the crossbow, it will drop that arrow on the ground where it was shot. This would make the ammo (the Arrow) reusable, however it will still need to be retrieved and then reloaded which is a slow action already. At this current state, the Crossbow is completely useless because the arrow just disappears when shot. I have no doubt freddy can easily program this in, however, just to try and be helpful I have a link for the tutorial on how to add such a feature: right here. I would LOVE to use the crossbow, however it's completely not-viable right now. Hopefully you will consider adding this, thank you so much!
  7. Hi, so I'm extremely confused on the survival dollars... So in-game while playing in the Survival gamemode, you get "dollars" but they are a gray currency. You can see this my opening your inventory menu. However, in the market and store it uses the green currency. How am I supposed to get this green currency if the zombies only drop the grey currency? If anyone knows, please inform me! Thanks.
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