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    All gameplay in this game is dead in arcade. The game has now turned into join the biggest clan and keep respawning in spawns. Til you put a group and clan limit on the servers there is no point to even boot up arcade. There might be gameplay if you force the 10-15 man clans to be in 3 or 4 groups and fight each other, together with other smaller groups. The mentality of sitting in a huge zerg and just keep respawning in spawn areas to snipe people out of spawn protection, run to a loot pile, loot a sniper and logout to respawn with new spawn protection is fucking retarded.
  2. Anyone that played arcade the past year know its dominated by zerg clans like COVIC9 and 6PAC (both russian). They flood a server 6 players minimum and up to 11. Half the online list is the same zerg clan. You do not need to be more then 5 players in a group, the remaining 5 can make groups by themself. It is fine if the clan holds more people but limit it per server then, max 5 players from the same clan at the same time. This would spread the population out aswell on two or more servers (your servers are fucking shit when they get loaded with 80+ people and cant handle it). The more numbers you let them zerg us with the easier it is for them, to body tag you with snipers, spam down your barricades with snipers and rifles, push and rush you in houses, kill you between med cooldowns. By letting these unskilled players abuse the fact that they can work around everything that is skill based in this game by just adding more numbers you're removing any kind of difficulty and skill of this game. They've gotten to dick around for long enough. Now let them learn and experience the game for real. Split the clan up and we can have more and better pvp.
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