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    tks for the replies.
  2. Marvo


    Regarding the sounds in Survival,....can they turned off? Most distracting and annoying.
  3. Marvo


    Help, I am trapped in a wrecked bus, how do I get out .....pls
  4. Marvo


    Hi Guys, I have playing since day one, game has come a long way, I like it. However, Survival is just to damn hard, Please consider more loot. Seems when you are able to find guns you die of starvation, food and water are to scarce, ammo is to difficult. In short I think loot needs a bit more. Marv
  5. Hi guys and Dev's, Take a look at H1Z1...the zombies are quite different in character and dress. Tks Marv
  6. Hiya y'll, Played Survival mode after final release, IMO. loot to scarce, Z's to strong. Can't count the times I've entered only to b killed instantly caused I have no weapon. A small break would be great, a Katana maybe...!! Tks Marv
  7. Marvo

    Bus System

    yes, YES ,YES, great, wonderful, awesome even. This game is getting really good !
  8. tks for the replies, sometimes they are up to their knees, other times they are fine but after they are killed, they sink in the ground or they fall through walls, stairs, etc. Don't kno wat else I can say....
  9. Hi guys, I have played Infestation since the beginning, I must say you devs are F****** awesome !!!! Is there a fix for the zombies falling through the ground ?
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