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  1. For people to actually use the market, some changes are going to be needed. First, you need to vastly increase the amount of offers you can make, this isn't a hard core simulator, give people freedom to improve the trading platform. You already have plenty of monetisation methods, this really should be used to increase the player, not make money via the subscriptions. Even if this was the intention (to increase the amount of people that sub), a better way to do this would be to decrease the fee you pay depending on your subscription level (I.E P 8% D 6% E 5%). This would help with my second point, as you need to reduce the fee. If you follow my suggestion you'll basically kill two birds with one stone. For a general improvement, perhaps consider increasing the amount of time an item exists on the market depending on quantity you've listed for that item. Really love the market place, looking forward to it improving.
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