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  1. and that it is so are you trying to say that you team is so weak that you cant awnser you customers but you do have time to make new topict lol
  2. damm you have a quick respons time
  3. LOL 1.22 IT MABY GONNER COME SO what you are trying to say is we are gonner fuck up so mutch that we gonner drop it and dont tell anybody fanboy gonner be fanboys anyway
  4. lybert

    Weekend Event!

    they are just a big teams of retards first they destroy the game whit esp wallhack and so on and then the dev just act like idiots ant try to take credi for year old contens just look t this even ther is on now it is 5 to 7 years old they even had that stuff in warz alpha but i guess ther slogan is copy past is better then work/programming
  5. lybert

    Weekend Event!

    lol try to make some new insted of reusing years old contens
  6. but why have a fee what is the point of it name one reson
  7. hahah the scammers do it agien fee i have never hear any thing more stupit then that just wait the dev gonner fuck it up like they always do btw i was promist a fix for the flying car in this path so agien you guys a lying Hi, We have added a fix for this in the next patch. Hope that will help your issue. Best Regards Elias
  8. is this a joke btw you missions suck just removet that crap and start over kill 5000 zombis is just as fun as getting a tooth pull out
  9. are you just full of bull sh it
  10. its 4 month old are you kidding me
  11. lol so you didten do any thing the new market is so many years old and you just gonner get it now nothing for the pve plyers no new items
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