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  1. Hey! Could someone explain me how to collect points needed for the Season Pass? I noticed that there is one point for 1 killed Zombie, but if you need to collect up 300,000 points to the last level, two and a half months is definitely not enough time. I think I'm doing something wrong. Can someone explain me how it works and what is the best way to farm this points and for doing what I get, X many points? [EDIT] Okay, I know everything now. I attach a photo that explains everything to people who may have a similar problem as me
  2. Can I get invite?
  3. Ohh, thanks a lot dude! I think, Airport should be easy to find but im confused about Rio. I was looking over the highway and I found nothing :/. This Rare Secret Room is somewhere down the highway or should I search the top one again?
  4. Hello! Im playing Infestation The New Z since two weeks. Im having fun with this game. Recently I found a Common Key and Rare Key and I don't know where the necessary rooms are located. Someone can help me, please? Im playing Survival on Oregon but u can give me information about other survival maps too. Thank you in advance guys!
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