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  1. So I was thinking since there was an event related to police and Swat that we could create an event similar to that in the sense of Classic Military stuff from World War 2 you make limited edition items that will be fun collectibles for this event things could be changed to this Water 1L -> Military Canteen - A standard military issue canteen that is guaranteed to quench the thirst of most individuals. Heavy Armor -> Steel Bib Armor - a World War 2 Standard Piece of Body Armor, While Heavy provides very good protection to bullets. Chocolate Bars -> Rationed Chocolate - These Chocolate Bars are handed out to ground soldiers as a quick snack, They are fortified with vitamins. Grenades -> Stielhandgranate - An Relic among World War 2 fanatics. are you sure this thing still WORKS? Helmets - > Brodie Helmet - a World War 1 Era helmet that provides decent protection against most bullet types New Items: M.G-42 - The M.G-42 is a German Built Light Machine Gun Designed to fire 7.92x57mm rounds from a belt-fed Magazine. It is adequately accurate at Medium Ranges Stats DMG - 35.5 Spread - 4.7 Recoil - 5.3 Fire Rate - 575 Decay - 70 Magazine Size is 100 Kar98k - The Kar98k is a German bolt action rifle from the second world war it designed to fire a 7.92x57mm Rounds from an internally fed Magazine out to medium and long ranges with very good Accuracy DMG - 60 Spread - 0 Recoil - 5.7 Fire Rate - 49 Decay - 220 Magazine Size is 5 M3 Greaser - The Greaser is an american built submachine gun designed to fire submachine guns rounds at a high rate of fire, it is devastating at close ranges DMG - 20 Spread -3 Recoil - 4 Fire Rate - 750 Decay - 30 Magazine Size is 20 or 40 (SMG)
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