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  1. Hi all, Just a quick post about the cosmetics tab in the main menu. As you can see on my screenshot I have lots of skins that I want to reroll and get lootboxes back to open. But when I try to add any skins to the reroll I get a select few show up. Skins (Click) Reroll (Click) Why is this? And would anyone consider changing it so that I can reroll all of my (for example) 29 IMI tar fusions. I've already learnt the skin, theres no resale value and I can't do anything with them. So why can't i reroll the lot to get another few crates to open?
  2. Notice no reply from the dev's though... says it all really wont be renewing any of my servers haha
  3. Has anyone had an issue with loot on private servers? I've been farming for a about an hour now and 10-11 Super Zombies have just dropped M4A1 and contract boxes. No snipers or High power AR's spawned in on 2 air drops and none have spawned in anywhere I've been. Has anything been changed or an I just going mad?
  4. You're welcome to use my private server. 'Peppers server' no password. Great loot in the usual spot.
  5. Alien SZ's spawn in radiation zones. What I did is open my private server for everyone to use then just hopped on and went to whatever zone was marked with radiation. They usually take 5-6 LMG ammo boxes to kill and hit you hard to take ammo and meds. And no need to log in/ out of server.
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