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  1. i hope he has godmode and that he dicks on you all, you have 10 guys in that server, you are the ones who kill the game
  2. when is competitive gonna be released , this is the best comment imo
  3. does the seasonal leaderboards count on vpvp servers and will there be x2 gc?
  4. But this whole competitive talk has been happenibg for well over 4 months now and not 1 bit if info aboht when they expect it to happen etc, wouldnt get your hopes up lel. Seems to me tgat they would rather add more skins to the game than competitive, but idk what happens behind closed doors
  5. but this is how newz should be played
  6. blueyy

    clan skins

    i agree rip my unit and isp skins
  7. blueyy

    clan skins

    yep, i guess it didnt work in the patch
  8. blueyy

    clan skins

    how come people are still able to pick up clan skins even tho they are not in the clan on that character and wasnt this supposed to be in the patch? for example a player who is in ddo5 for example can pick up high clan skins still even tho he is in ddo5 on the character ? will there be a hotfix for this.
  9. golden bullets dont work for me, still takes like 10000+ shots to kill a guy in a bush with the clan tag DOTK
  10. u cant say u didnt plan it when there is a achievement that is impossible to unlock on steam, nice game Double the trouble! Win a Battle royale in a 2 man group.
  11. Idk where i should post this but its been like 4 nearly 5 months and there is no competitive or any news about it. It would bring many players back bc it wouls actually make the game fun. For example we have to wait a while for people to host clan wars etc. So if we had competitive it would just make the game so much better. Also if/when it comes out i think you should let us use our main characters from open world and not have to make seperate ones like survival etc
  12. id like to see shotguns being removed from the pvp maps due to many people camping houses/behind walls etc
  13. so why not allow a few NA players in the EU event oo? only makes it fair but gl to the teams that got accepted!
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