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  1. Sure, when u kick a player he got like 20 min to think about, I think the kick can have those (1 hour / 2 Hours / 1 day and maybe 1 week) but a ban should be a ban, it is so hard when u own a server make it for people to have fun and some ppl come and try to make others upset even after u warned them with the kick they come back to do more damage, ban should be final,let's hope they implement both :).
  2. I like to ban perma, ( 1 hour / 2 Hours / 1 day and maybe 1 week.) ok, but also add 99 year ban at the end the kick is already a warning so the guy can think about, a ban is the death sentence. so ban should be a ban no come back.
  3. Dear Develop Team, I own a private server with 30 slots on PvE mode only and I keep it open without password so people can join and have fun, but as we know always there is (that guy) that troll and make the game experience really unpleasant to other players, I can kick them but after few minutes they are back and trolling even more, so my question is: is there any how to ban them permanent from my server ? Kind regards, ZenO.
  4. Nice one Guys, is there anyway to add /ban we only can do /kick but the trolls will be back after few minutes, thank you. @Kjer I believe soon we will get update for survival, as you can see zombies are dropping money so that means we will have a shop back @Alicja We do have a lot pink skins and girls looking backpack, maybe u are new in the game and do not know about...
  5. Thank you guys, the zombies are acting as usual now . Regards, ZenO .
  6. Dear Developer Team, The zombies are acting funny like before, if we get behind anything ( even a sandbags barricade ) they will stop to following you. Regards, ZenO.
  7. Dear Developer Team, The zombies are back to normal thank you very much. Kind Regards, ZenO.
  8. Dear Developer Team, I play on servers: survival Colorado and open world Colorado V1, I can see the zombies amount in open world Colorado V1 (air port) are back to normal, but now they are not chasing like in Colorado (they was chasing in Colorado v1 before the last patch only Colorado not) another thing that I noticed is that the zombies on Colorado v1 some of them are acting like runners, as we know the runners are in Colorado and not in Colorado v1, I hope this info can help you guys, and big thanks for all effort to get it nice for us to play and have fun . Best regards, ZenO.
  9. Dear Developer, Thank you very much for fixing the vehicles, now i can drive it very well, we also have some issue with zombie on Colorado they are looking stupid and not moving as usual, I believe you and your staff team are aware about the problem and probably are currently working on this issue, please let we know when the zombies AI will be back as before. Thank you very much again and I hope hear from you soon, ZenO.
  10. Thank you time to kill more zombies .
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