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  1. All this game is about skins and making the last $ u can from it before it definitely dies. Admit it, you failed and you never listened to us
  2. Don't act like old iss was a thing, I was there in 2012/2013 and it was full of hackers and aids. The best ISS was ISS World period. But you ruined it just like you ruined survival
  3. What you also don't understand is that if u want a full "survvial" gamE, you need to make it more PvE oriented than PvP But who cares since you never listened to any of our real suggestion. This vid sums it all
  4. are u joking? You had the chance to do it one year ago when u released survival Is this what the game is what about now? releasing a "fresh" version with less loot each year after increasing it like when u fucked up with the oregon loot and now the V1 loot?
  5. Biggest update ever done? Skins as usual. Where is the Halloween map like in ISS world?
  6. Wipe is not a solution, we didn't spend all this time farming for nothing. People don't want a game where weapons are too rare either, just makes no sense. The only way to make this game alive again is to make it PvE and not PvP. Just fucking remember it already, 2 years ago when they released the Maze in Infestation World. It was the BEST thing they could have done in an ISS game. For people who never played World, the maze was as it says, a huge maze with lot of zombies in it harder to kill than the average one, where you had to find the way out for special reward. There was also some zombie boss inside, it was jsut awesome and I'm pretty sure it's not so hard to develop. But these lazy mods just think this game is PvP only which is why it's dying days after days
  7. They're jsut so stubborn they fucked up and they don't care. They wil lact like they are "listening to the community" so yes, they will add you 20 clip of FN handgun, add more food, but they won't fix what the core players are asking for. This is dead
  8. Funny this is still unfixed 3 hours after the update. I wonder how many people got fresh inventory thanks to this BS
  9. Bro this game is dead and they don't care about survival
  10. why bother since you don't ever fucking listen to us? One example: how many days has passed since surzeus showed the videos with the cars killing from accross building and still hasn't been fixed?
  11. TRUTH IS this would be too much work for them to do. They prefer to focus on open world and skins
  12. Totally working as intended, the game is fine
  13. And btw I'm not even hate speeching but a lot of people are mad so I'm only giving voice to these players too. Nothign else.
  14. For people like you who we never see in survvial, loot is rare yeah. But for most players, we already have at least 200-300 of each weapons if not more. SO stop talking about "rare" loot because it fucking ISN'T. Bus stop are only a convenience so you don't run like a bot like old ISS when there was no car. And btw the distance between airport and SZ is so long that i'd rather LOG OUT and go on colorado to get quicker to safezone. See the dumb thoigns we have to do because what you think is better for the game, and again you do NOT listen to the players. I mean to the ones who REALLLY play survival. When will you take SERIOUSLY people with over 30 days+ of played instead of the oens with few hours? Please tell me because A LOT of these are already gone because of you.
  15. Agreed, Arena was and will always be the best BR map
  16. So you only forward when YOU agree on ideas? wtf is this? it's funny coz I literally have never seen any of you play on survival
  17. Vehicles are now a bit less common. This is mainly done based on feedback from the community as a lot of people were abusing the vehicles to kill players. In this sense vehicles could be very overpowered. We do plan on adding more countermeasures for vehicles though. Since when was vehicle a problem? just hide behind a tree and empty your CMAG on it. Wasting time running accross the map IS the problem. OREGON: Bus stops are not on Oregon anymore as they never were intended to be. When we add more safe zones bus stops will come back but only in safe zones. I'm pretty done with this game now, good job How many good people have left so far? all the traders like rdk, NOVA, then it was insejn, preczdato, willwisp. Then all the bixas like paranoid, juli, sunshine, trophiaz and many otheres. then the french people like maitro, jinsang, trolli, pitshu, timal and nowmore recently surzeus) You successfully KILLED this mod and made the game worse, are you happy? Please tell me coz now it's my turn. I have ~20 snipers, pm me for trading
  18. Sorry but I'm not gonna waste more time farming exp for 5 hardened characters. (if it's not considered dead already), It is
  19. Yeah they didn't listen to us, now the game will die. Just like original War Z, just like ISS World
  20. yeah exactly. Just because 2 or 3 kids complained about the bus stop and now they want to remove it? But what about the 95% of the players who actually want to keep them?
  21. We actually want them, just less. Don't plan to run accros the hwole map all the fucking time
  22. Have you all forgotten the concept and meaning of a battle royal? Let me kindly remind you: LAST MAN STANDING Why the hell are gorup even allowed? When I was top 3 all time i won 99% of them by myselves, nowadays it's just way easier
  23. But you said macro was allowed? Btw I don't macro. take a definitive position on this once for all
  24. Hi, we do NOT play this game for graphics but only for the game play. Don't make useless change like that. When did we ask for stuff to be added in places like infirmary and markets? This only make more thigns to load for no reason. Btw why did you change the battle royal few months ago to make it look like PUBG? The old map was the best.
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