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  1. We still can not manage the price, only remove. I would like to manage the price.
  2. I really like the changes. That Premium has no effect tp the high fees will backfire on premium subscriptions
  3. feris

    Weapon Statistics

    Attachments to assault rifles should have mor effect. Example: using a compact scope or ACOC scope does not give you an advantage over playing in 3rd person view. In 3rd person you not even need to aim that precisely to the head that you need in 1st person with attachments at the same distance to to a head shot. The scopes are only helpful at more far distance but than the spread or recoil is to high. Therefore I use them only in PVE in single shot mode against zombies. That makes scopes more or less pointless in pvp. Giving a real advantage to scopes will make them important to the game.
  4. Found a minor issue: Tried to open the Task Manager while I was playing to check how much RAM the games adresses now. The Game stops working with an error: "unable to reset d3d device, 0x8876086C OS: Windows 10 64Bit, 32 GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 5 3600. Playing in windows mode. If you need further information please let me know.
  5. Sorry but I disagree here. Change loot and not communicating it is not an issue what a ticket or PM can solve. Blaming me for stretching it but doing these changes without communicating it in the updates ... seriously? But I got your message: You want to continue this way. I am missing here a clear and simple statement from you. If you are planning to remove the sniper from the game or you want to reduce them tremendous in the game just let us now. Than we can decide if we want to jump this train or not and it's worth to rent a server for a month or not. Just discovering that the Alien zombie loot is that bad, Item crates ar full of Scra-H and Backpacks is just creating frustration about burning our money for no reason. Be transparent concerning loot changes- that`s all what a PVE player like me is asking for. Thank.
  6. Something must went completely wrong. The loot of Aliens and Super is completely garbade on my private server, even I use a Premium account. I am warnimg my follower on my stream not to rent a private server to farm SZ or AZ for loot.
  7. As a PVE only player I noticed that there was one of my favorite "silent Ninja loot patches". Obviously nothing in the patch notes. But the Alien Zombie Sniper drop was tremendous decreased. So much that it does not make any sense to hunt them down. Same for the boxes or item crates. They are now spawning a ton of SCSR-H and Hunter backpacks. To be honest: There should be an early warning system. I am paying now for a 4 weeks server rental without getting the expected in return. My opinion: This will not move the game away from snipers. It will only make them more expensive. If it getting too expensive to trade them or loot them the game will lose both: PVP and PVE player. So what will happen to new player? They will have a hard time to get a sniper. And they will loose it in not time to a clan who camps a location. Solo player have absolutely no chance to start in this game. And they will get demotivated in no time. May be it's a solution to make "no clan server" and enable back the easy loot. Than player are having a chance to get in the game. The AR only server are a good idear as well.
  8. Hi, I've been playing this game for a long time. I would even call myself an old fart I still love the game. The constant improvements are just great! But the last events have made me register here to criticize the game. In the past I always looked forward to the events. As a family man you don't have the time to play 8 hours a day several times a week. That brings me to the events. The Christmas Event, but also many other events have become ultra extremely time-consuming grinding actions. The last really great event for me was Halloween 2018. Even as a family man you quickly got into the enjoyment of boxes and great skins. Super class! No jumping around, no hardcore grinding like at this Christmas event. This weekend, as a PVE only gamer, my frustration is at its peak. Before Christmas we rented a server with friends, now for 2 months in total. We were especially looking forward to the super zombie part. The loot is improved, yes. But unfortunately to such a small extent that you have to be an expert of the game to notice it. These events should be noticeably fun, otherwise they are pointless. To my last point of criticism: If the loot rate has been changed, then this has been communicated. But if you have to find out with 5 people after 8 hours of playing time that the drop rate of the sniper for the alien zombies has been lowered massively, then it just frustrates. The aliens hardly ever drop snipers anymore. QBZ, Thomson, FN-FAL. All things that noone needs from an Alien. The frustration factor without a private server and without a premium account must be incredibly high. I must have overlooked somewhere that the game is on a crusade against sniper. But they are one of the pillars of the game, no matter if you like them or not. I hope that the Alien Zombies will find their way back to their old loot and that the events will be less hardcore grinding for PVE players like me. Why don't you play 1 or 2 hours rehearsal and ask yourself if this event will bring a smile to your face? Then it's good. And only then. I'm counting on you and hope that you will bring some of the paths you've taken for old PVE fans like me back in the right direction. Thanks a lot for your time! Regards
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