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  1. I should win because I hope for the game to reach new heights. If you want to know what I mean check out my topic under suggestions : Team Mission Mode
  2. I've noticed a lot of focus on pvp which is good and fun, but unless you are on the game for 10 hours+ everyday and have a clan there's no way to get the team work feeling. I know you are focusing on the Survival Mode update right now, but I'm hoping for this in the future. --OTHER CONSUMERS READING THIS DO REPLY WITH YOUR OWN IDEAS AS WELL-- This game is great and I love it the way it is. The below suggestions are just that, suggestions that I think could improve your game. You guys are doing great! Keep it up! If any clarification on any of the following is needed please email me -> [email protected] I was wondering if a mode could be implemented where a team of 5+ players work together to complete a mission. Say, -surviving a zombie horde coming at them (a settlement) from the highway -defending a building until evac comes to the rooftop -finding and driving an ambulance back to a settlement for medical supplies -clearing out a town (or city for big groups) of zombies -finding out what happened to a group (got pinned down, car crash, ambushed, lost?, etc.) -rescuing a group that's been pinned down by zombies -tasking the group with finding superzombies and bringing them back to a settlement for study -tasking the group with redirecting a horde of zombies (using cars, riot shields, wooden barricades, sandbags, etc.) -going on a run into town/city to find a list of supplies -returning home after an airdrop plane crashes. (The noise would attract zombies so the survivors are forced to use the equipment from the airdrop package to fight their way to safety) -infiltrating another settlement (would require interaction with other "humans" could be an AI or PVP option) FEEL FREE TO FILL THIS WITH MORE IDEAS NOTES -I think it would be fun if everybody started out with nothing or minimal equipment requiring them to share and survive based off of what they find -Rewards could be the enticement for these missions (Say, skins, certain weapons/equipment (snipers), sums of money, experience (xp points), deals at settlements, etc.) -If PVP is absolutely needed two teams could be tasked with the same mission (only one team wins) -It would need to be hard enough (or timed) so that a team is necessary -Only those who survive and complete the mission receive the reward -A release like this would no doubt bring heaps of attention to your game (Especially if general consumption stayed free;) -Maybe consider creating this as a multiplayer campaign I hope you'll take these ideas into consideration Thanks =) -RayJ
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