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  1. Especially in places or towns far from hills / mountains. Literally, it would be more interesting.
  2. Colorado V2, Oregon & Caliwood
  3. Very complicated !!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hey ... Yeah its been changed !!
  5. PvP | Infestation: The New Z Colorado V2 & Caliwood
  6. lo/ WoW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Interessante ... saber disso !!
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    Name: RECONNECTING Mode: Open World Server: CALIWOOD 01 SOUTH AMERICA Date: 17‎ november ‎2018, ‏‎22:27:07 ( Brasília time (zone)/ Brazil local time ) Reason (english): lag switch is a device that interferes with the connection of a player in order to benefit him. Basically, other players see this player with lag (usually disappearing and appearing suddenly), but in his game this lag does not exist and has an advantage over others, because it can react faster. Motivo (portuguese): lag switch é um dispositivo que interfere com a ligação de um jogador, de forma a beneficiá-lo. Basicamente, os outros jogadores vêm esse jogador com lag (normalmente a desaparecer e a aparecer de repente), mas no jogo dele essa lag não existe e tem vantagem sobre os outros, pois consegue reagir mais rápido. NOTE: My ping does not wobble (showing clarity when viewing the video); this is not the first time we have suffered from this attitude of the player, my friends are also harmed by his attitude; we believe that denunciations are very important and usually show results here in NEWZ. OBS.: Meu ping não oscila (mostrando clareza ao ver o vídeo); não é a primeira vez que sofremos com essa atitude do jogador, meus amigos também são prejudicados pela postura do mesmo; acreditamos que denúncias são importantíssimas e costumam mostrar resultados aqui no NEWZ.
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    English: "Daily we come across messages of cases of fraud, scams, scandals and hacker use (in general). Unless we are one of the accused, we tend to revolt with these situations. Shaken by successive scandals, NewZ society is becoming increasingly intolerant and less indulgent with dishonesty. Superficial analysis usually frames people involved in acts of dishonesty like the "rotten apples" of the game. However, in practice, we live by battling against the temptation of wrong, but advantageous, behavior. If on the one hand rationalization and relativization make values flexible, the same process induces a more honest look at ourselves." Portuguese: "Diariamente nos deparamos com mensagens de casos de fraudes, golpes, escândalos e uso de hacker ( no geral ). A não ser que sejamos um dos acusados, a tendência é nos revoltarmos com essas situações. Abalada por sucessivos escândalos, a sociedade NewZ está se tornando cada vez mais intolerante e menos indulgente com a desonestidade. A análise superficial costuma enquadrar as pessoas envolvidas em atos de desonestidade como as “maçãs podres” do jogo. Entretanto, na prática, vivemos batalhando contra a tentação do comportamento incorreto, mas vantajoso. Se por um lado a racionalização e a relativização flexibilizam os valores, o mesmo processo induz a um olhar mais honesto sobre nós mesmos." Mode: Survival. Moment: 00:28 - 00:36 ( red scar on the back of the player, he does not enter any menu to exchange scar for saiga ). Reason: Hacker ( please, ban this guy ). Name: MuhaммedTV
  10. Think carefully ... Reflect ... Many believe that video editing is something that only professionals, care. Others believe that it will take many years to learn how to edit (example: survival mode / open world) and then remain with poorly finished videos until they give up the project. And often the guilt of the few views is in the sense of your audience to be before someone amateur, who barely knows how to record a video. And this is very cruel because in the end, you can have wonderful ideas that can help a lot of people but since your videos are uninteresting, you can not do the main thing: win the audience and get your message across. For those who are starting to edit videos right now (Infestation: The Newz), it may seem like a very difficult thing, but you can be sure that with time and lots of practice, you'll be able to produce your videos in the best possible way.
  11. 9x QLB (Full) - 30K Each ? WTF ...
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    New one :)

    Troll Face !!
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