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    Loot - Survival

    What is your feedback? (Please be specific): My friend and I spawned in Caliwood with next to nothing. Within half an hour not only were we completely geared with NVGs, body armor, LMGs, but our backpacks were already full of guns and ammo. Medical and food items too. There is just nothing to do but farm super zombies at that point, and a huge part of the fun in survival games is finding what you need to survive. I know different maps have different loot tables, and that some maps are easier to find loot than others, but from my experience other maps aren't that much more difficult. What map did you experience this?: Caliwood When was this?: May 1, 2020 Write extra info here: I have over 5000 hours of game time in zombie survival games. Only 400 of that is from Infestation, but I also have quite a bit more hours from an earlier iteration of the game under a different name. My point being is, I have a lot of experience with these kinds of games. You guys have made amazing strides in the game since I first started playing years ago. And it is FAR better than the other version of the game I mentioned. But sadly, my friend and myself can't bring ourselves to play infestation anymore. The only challenge in survival is choosing which of the overflowing amount of gear you have is best to keep. There is just so, so much loot. I know I wouldn't be the only one that would enjoy a challenging survival mode. Having to actually use melee to conserve ammo. Getting excited when finding a gun. Relief from finding food or medicine to keep living. You know, survival. It is even more enjoyable on the Caliwood and Oregon maps because Colorado has been around a looooong time. All that said, thank you for making such an awesome game, and I really hope to return to it someday.
  2. I accepted the commander part 1 mission on the Colorado V2 map, and it does not seem to update whenever I complete an objective. I have picked up some of the items it says, gone to multiple places it says to go to, but no objectives ever complete. A second, different bug I found was I unlocked the 2nd skill that says it increases the healing effectiveness of medical items, but all medical items still say they heal the same.
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