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  1. Mobs do not have a valid agro. At the airport in Colorado V1 there are 60-70% less than before. This way you can't finish the Season Pass on time if you don't play after 10 hours a day. I have 2 servers rented, and just continuing the season pass has lost its sense. I hope you can do some hot fix soon. Regards
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    Season Pass

    Hello I couldn't finish the season pass, despite being extended for two weeks I devote 3-4 hours a day to work after work. Even with a rented server, I couldn't achieve it. I think that for an average player like me, playing for relaxation three to four hours a day buying a season pass makes no sense. This is just a waste of money. Season pass is for players who have a lot of time to play. I am very sorry about that because the idea itself is noteworthy, but unfortunately the second time, I will not take part in it. This is of course my subjective opinion. Regards.
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