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  1. thank you, your answer is clear but the game interface is not and is confusing
  2. I'll rephrase my question, I have 0 GC and $4,000,000 Can I convert my $ to GC? It seems that yes the menu appears and I have the slider that allows me to choose the right amount of GC I want. Today as any other day, it makes me a code 6. I have never bought a GC before This is the context, thank you in advance for your help
  3. That is, you must have already purchased at least once and never be at zero to convert $ to GC?
  4. Hello, Thanks but it still doesn't work, I just connected to[EU] Caliwood 002 and I still have the error once I'm disconnected:( thank you in advance for your help
  5. What's your answer frankly? No interest, the developer really answered the question!
  6. Hello, I can't convert $ to GC, I have this error: failed to convert GC to GD error:code 6 What can I do about it? Thank you in advance for your help
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