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  2. all this hype for releasing a 100 gc box that is imposible to find without paying that make us wait for atleast the double money next 6 days the event is crap XD
  3. only the people addicted to infestation are playing the newz at the moment, the game is not friendly for new players because of the skill gap so its just the matter of time when the game will be dead
  4. i figure it out, dude its the same thing as nether resurected game that launched a couple of years ago all i can see is 2 more zombie type added and they are charging money for the same game haha thats funny
  5. I think getting rid of survival and making open world more demanding like it was 2 years ago snipers kinda rare, some of ars being rare but for that we would need a gi wipe so many people with get angry with them
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