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    i found that When i turn my NVG on for a while . . Then turning it off makes a lot of things glow oddly Not sure if it's just me or anyone else COLO V1 grass glows and in CALIWOOD lots of lighting bugs Thank you in advance Leo
  2. there a little problum with the COLO V2 MAP

    When using the NVG for a while The grass gets all shiny after turning the NVG off

    1. Limerence420


      the ground is fine But the grass does change

      Also There is no grass where it snow IRL :P


  3. The events are great i'm really enjoying the high jump PVP and wish that more will come in the near future also it's very nice to see some care in farming as it was getting quite boring But no more with new GD boxs from aliens Thank you in advance Limerence
  4. i really like the new Levels and leveling system but i gota say that it take more then the average play time to get LVL30 and as some like me doesnt have premium or a private server to farm on easily it makes getting to LVL30 just a dream come true But all and all i very much enjoy the leveling system and hope for more improvements in that direction Oh and i was hoping that they'll be a new edition to swimming as you could dive down and have to hold you breath with some new skills for the skill tree As now a player swimming is just a moving target Thank you in advance Limerence
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