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    Weekend Event!

    I think Caliwood Survival would be really good for the community because they will have some variety. I know where I'll be playing that's for sure. The other events for the weekend are great too, but don't necessarily pertain to me in terms of play. Have a great upcoming weekend
  2. I just signed up an account on the forums and plan to post some more in the future (Came from the FB page) I like the direction of where you're bringing the updates/game. I think it's new and will bring people back to play for sure. The battle pass is a really cool addition as well because people will have fun getting the rewards, gives an incentive to pve/pvp and if you think of the big picture it'll help the overall economy as well with new skins being added, loot people will be selling, etc. The only thing I would do differently with the battle pass is maybe reduce the difficulty of obtaining tiers. I don't play as much as other players because of real life stuff, which isn't the point but the pass should be fun rather than a chore. Great update overall and I'm looking forward to the future ones to come.
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