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  1. Change colorado to colorado v1 for me. I made the wrong choice. I just opened it recently. Thank newz. I wrote a ticket but haven't received a response.
  2. my ID GAME DUEANX3 my servers DUEAN1 COLORADO V1 HK DUEAN2 COLORADO HK i want to edit the server DUEAN2 i want change server COLORADO to COLORADO V1 HK i don't want GC back i just want to change the server for me PLS Thank.
  3. i will rent private server colorado v1 HK 2 rooms. But i pressed wrong 1 server
  4. Hi what should I do to get support?
  5. No I don't have a support ticket.
  6. while i'm streaming. I need a private room for the hk server. right now I can't rent hk server because it's full i will pay the rent myself. I'm steaming at twitch. This is my channel ID.game DUEANX3 Thank asd
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