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  1. Yeah I miss the old hudor make different red colour HUD
  2. hmm tooshay but I think survival in this game new z is really boring need more horrifying challenging gameplay and zombies more dangerouse than the player otherwise becomes boring faster.
  3. Can you make zombies more challenging like weapon damage at zombies head decrease Abit 2 shot in the head and 8 shots at the body And the base durability last for 72 hourse days maximum and then you devs can do some thing for the players by selling survival items like materials in the marketplace but zombies must be difficult to kill and change the HUD into something more simple simple and comfortable like horror zombies apocalyptic red theme themed Hud
  4. Can you check why the zombies is stuttering or lagging usually I played in us serve with250 pings and eu server with 230 ping the zombies animation is smooth but now after the patch it becomes like lagging and stuttering dressing and then moving fasterly then stutter for a while
  5. Yes the zombies is like dancing I'll show you looking right and to at left and do not do anything the zombies until I step my character feet was on the ground after I had jump down form a shoulder height furniture
  6. how about Make the Character that is dead revive and spawn in safe zone in survival only (more challenging but loot is pretty good) and also that is -make the zombies Buff like the weekend event !! -More Ar bullets spawn in military -Materials like the plastic,nails,glue,duct tape spawn often in house -Fov changer -better hit box -less requirement of material for crafting base -make the zombies still move while getting a damaged or hit or shot by human player and I don't know how to speak English or write English language very well like all of you but I have an idea to show you human
  7. how about Make the Character that is dead revive and spawn in safe zone in survival only
  8. hey the zombies are more challenging now that is nice !! keep it like that ok survival zombies is becoming more challenging than before and loots are good also in the survival !
  9. please update the server of Al uvival to put loot more than before I went with my by using my character to the hospital in Colorado map and there was no medical items loot in there at least put loot more than before like in the ISS gamw before
  10. Please put loot as usual as before like the infestation survival stories loot I played recently just now I went to the hospital in Colorado by using character and I see no loot no medical loot it is empty nothing the server has never been more player in it in Hong Kong server make the loot more than before in survival
  11. how to get the remaining rebel without a cause skin the bottom part legs (the desert coloured pants skin) and Newz Police Department skin
  12. i wanted you to look back at the battle royal map because the design of the battle royal map like ' Nevada ' and the others snowy place and terrain is very pretty and better and colour full than colorado i mean it is like Skyrim from Rorikstead to Winterhold with snowy terrain you should make like that In survival and open world by maing this map for them both mode
  13. I git banned after playing battle royal how is this ??
  14. yes I see all your battleroyale map is pretty and batter than Colorado really it is really colourfull
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