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  1. literally retarded. Read. You are a female. I obviously believe it. I said as much in that very post you failed to understand. This is what I initially found frustrating and why my posts have been so long. The rest of you got it in a lighter dosage but this one is dumb and unaware of it. Is "you will be judged only by your thoughts and words not your genitalia so your genitalia are not relevent and discussing them is a foul play; you instantly lose all credibility to anyone intelligent when you do." so complicated? I addressed this. Saying if that is the case then I obviously suggest allowing people to spawn in safezones. In game you are already allowed to do so which means it is possible and probably easy. You answered and I was happy about that and thought about it and gave an answer. There are in game workarounds but I admit they'll cost the average busride. That doesn't bother me but I can see how it'd annoy some. When you address multiple people at once some of them often say "Now where did I say that" You didn't, read your buddies post. Leave and stay gone, in nice orange allcaps so its extra hard on the eyes. No its actually, "Even if this was an error I am still correct in that the context of the other sentences around it clear up any ambiguities as the only noun defined specifically enough to warrant being replaced by them was "weekly events". If you cannot sort out such simple context how do you understand what people who use machine translations are saying?" But in hindsight most of the arguments I've seen here have been simple comprehension errors. Then why write a bunch of things or tell me about it? That's an attention move bro. I'm not used to having to take any of the abstraction out of what I say. I guess most of my posts are coming across as gibberish.
  2. lol that was literally a typo I missed the dis in disrespect. My sentences were double negatives,' nor do I disrespect' and it was fixed before I received a notification of a reply. I don't expect you guys to believe that though, it doesn't fit the image you have created of me. You would never guess who I was in game though . And yes I accuse them of reading what they want to read. The literal first feedback was don't offer suggestions to PVE. I took offense to that and knew that since you sort were like this anything I do would explode. So I exploded it. You might not like what I said but it is true and my initial suggestions were earnest. THese forums are very much a troll farm. The PVE crusade is as toxic as PVP and you guys think you're saviors or something, superheros fighting for justice for people who don't speak up. Blaming half a community for problems is a copout and it is very very very obvious you lot are emotionally scarred from your experience. I've been dealing with walls of rhetoric and irrational hatred towards people. I do not respect you guys, you are like the crows that show up to fight over the flesh of the dead after a war, every dying game as its equivalent of the PVE crusader squad who was set off by their equivalent of PVP. I take back my gamma comment. Gamma is saying that you are talking with a man who argues like a women. Obviously that doesn't apply For the record you guys got pissy saying that people told you to quit and I had no idea how oppressive the PVP community was or some shit, yet here you are telling me to quit.. irony. My position stands, PVP toxicity is PVE toxicity, the mirror reflects precisely. I've said multiple times I do not want to discuss the PVE vs PVP bullshit but Safezones and hordes and trading yet nearly every post as doubled back to PVP BAD PVE Sad. Zealots generally think they are the moral ones that's why they are zealots. PS: there are no girls online. GIRL means Guy In Real Life. The point of that statement is to remind women that they have a women card but it can only be effectively played if you are in real life and face to face where I would be like wow you are beautiful and fun maybe I'll pay attention and give you some special perks cause I want to be with you. That doesn't apply online, playing your women card online is ineffective and stupid. It's attempting to assert control with wow now your harrassing a women!! laughable. Women are irrelevant online, text is genderless, and playing a women card in a discussion is weakness. If you wanna play your women card tits or gtfo, its only fair . Which is why that statement was invented of course, as a backhand to women trying to gain advantage with their status as women. (I don't want to see your boobies, I'm smacking you with net culture.) Ban me or not lol it won't make a difference, but maybe I'll pull a thailand and become the whole playerbase so the devs have to just suck it up and let them lag kill everyone on the euro servers. I honestly think you lot would be happier if you didn't have any other players in the game. Have you considered running the warz emulator for yourselves??
  3. Auction is a great idea. Especially if it is in game. I'm not sure about helicopters an boats. I would not hate those if they were in game but I would prefer that development time be devoted to fixing gameflaws like the economy not adding new stuff on top. I do really lik ean auction idea though, anything where the playerbase decide the prices and does the trading without using a menu store to set prices from. Also anything where the good purchased by players was looted by other players so the rarity and number of physical items that exist determines price instead of an endless supply of every item but it costs a flat X
  4. How'd you manage to quote the one with the respect/disrespect typo. Especially since my edit came through first. I didn't come here just to troll my suggestions are real. It is not my fault that the most toxic individuals in the forums are a few pve players trying to wage a crusade against half the playerbase. That's the funny thing on an individual basis there is simply no way anyone else is engaging to the level you guys are, they'd have to be bambi hunting 24/7 and shitting all over you constantly day in and day out with some crazy offensive hitler username, and they'd have to form packs that follow the leader or most aggressive member in, piling in and deliberately misunderstanding everything to derail any conversation. Every post made gets the forum PVE attack squad sicced on it somehow. That's toxic, thats 4 or 5 people trying to be as aggressive and toxic as hundreds of PVP trolls. Your lack of self awareness on the subject is astonishing. In trying to stop them you became them. Now you got people like me who find your gamma behaviour repulsive. It sucks but you are a reflection of the PVP players shitty attitudes and between the fanatical PVE zealot squad and the abusive little PVP shitposting community yeah there really is nothing positive worth saving. You lot are the most vocal group in the forums and the forums are absolute ass, its mostly just one long and tedious fight mixed in with 'The devs ignore everything and don't care' which is an assessment I agree with. That isn't a coincidence, these forums are trying to serve a larger purpose than you working out your hatred for others. As I said the first response to my suggestions was stop offering changes for PVE. That's totally asinine and stupid. PVP and PVE OW is the same map. I got called insane for suggesting that people meet in SAFEZONES to trade and pass by each other in game. There wasn't a hey this won't work for this reason. Or hey how about this how would this work or did you think of this. It was just stop, you don't get to be here having these thoughts. So right back at you, stop. Your childish behaviour and reactions and your attack squad showing up in formation to wage battles with literally everyone else is the most toxic force on these forums and leave bystanders like me with sadness for how much the community has fallen over the years,. Like I said before, if the problem is everyone else that means the problem is you. Tone it down. I mean I say don't hate them they didn't design the system that rewards their playstyle and what do I get back as an answer? "Easy as you getting them to change how they treat players. Oh, you cant. I guess maybe you missed how many have outright told us to"quit" since we had no interest in their style of play. Had you actually read the asinine posts aimed at PVE players, you might have seen why we became defensive. Lets calm the pvp rage... you really didn't read much of that at all. " Rationalizations or excuses for your emotional problems; 'It's their fault they are mean I've done nothing wrong Im a knight in shining armour saving my beloved PVE princess.' . They live rent free in your head and I am not them. So whatever your justifications you just started punching at a bystander because I "looked" too much like one of the people who hurt you. Schizo, at this point I'll be mocking and heckling you as I go about posting here because at least that's something that is fun to do and I'll be getting the same response, gamma crusader attacks, whether I post politely or not so I may as well call you out on atrocious logic and say things bluntly. You spend every day on these forums looking for fights so you'll be running around like a headless chicken no matter what I do, by merely posting here anyone has exposed themselves to the hate wave. That is bad for the community and makes the game look worse off than it is. Endless community infighting is pointless and as I keep saying it is the result of developers and abusive gameplay not half the playerbase being literally evil or whatever. But oh well, carry on and enjoy your crusade, maybe we can make a gladiator pit to lock PVP players in with you. Maybe I can post again when you guys aren't lurking on the forums or post on the discord or something so I'll actually get real feedback instead of round 9001 in the PVE vs PVP war. How many people have left the game or forums because of the hate? You posit that PVP players drive people off, I posit that the ones that the PVP players don't drive off you lot here jump in and insult and whine at and drive off too. Its literally like all those crazy far left bloggers running their outrage mob at the guy who won't bake a cake or whatever. Frothing at the mouth about how we need more progress and tolerance to save the world while acting like a rabid attack dog and displaying zero progress or tolerance. I didn't think the new z would have a forum gamma problem.
  5. Its late here and I am operating on low sleep so you could be right but my point still stands, people use literal machine translation all the time here and most of the rest aren't native speakers yet he can't be bothered to confirm anything before he assumes the worst. It almost wasn't worth my time typing answers out. The second he got a reading that furthered his delusions it was off to the races. My flaws made it easier but that bitterness and hatred towards half the playerbase is naked and ugly and doesn't belong here.
  6. " Who does "AFK" farming. I guess you missed my opinion on macros cheats. Heres a hint... BAN EM ALL. " Fighting an enemy who cannot possible kill you is afk farming lol. That being said I agree all macros are terrible and need to go. while we are at it I also agree that ping killing is shitty. "Easy as you getting them to change how they treat players. Oh, you cant. I guess maybe you missed how many have outright told us to"quit" since we had no interest in their style of play. Had you actually read the asinine posts aimed at PVE players, you might have seen why we became defensive. Lets calm the pvp rage... you really didn't read much of that at all. " You call me the demon because of the joke in my name yet you are the one so polluted by hate that you blame your problems on the player and not the game. I've read a lot of the dissing at you but I have predominantly seen someone barely realize they are even mentioning your playstyle as an aside and then bam your lot is there to shit it up. So yes the common element in every argument you've engaged in is you. Whatever it is that makes you engage in every single possible argument even the ones that are tenuous and involve you essentially ganking an innocent bystander to your crusade is the thing that annoys me enough to let my dismissal for your PVE squad to show up. I do not disrespect the PVE players who play pve with me. I like em, nor do I disrespect the PVP players I play with. I do however have zero respect for the sniveling that goes on in the forums. So yes I really had no intention of working politely with the squad here but I didn't intend to fight you guys either. Just plainly see what I saw knowing that parts of it would piss you off. The PVP players do have a point though, PVE is obviously not how the game was intended. The simple fact that the only pve server you get access to without going private or investing money in the game is the beginner server heavily implies that yes pvp OW is the intended main mode. I mean PVE isn't one of the 4 modes, competitive, battle royale, survival, or openworld so its obviously a lesser or minor mode. A map setting if you will. To the extent that PVP players point that out they are speaking truthfully. Its no good telling you to quit though, they'd have to get off their lazy asses and go afk farm supers for loot. Again I am not them your past trauma has nothing to do with me and I am not interested in working through your ptsd. Please hate people somewhere else, pvp players isn't the problem, the system that encourages them to play this way to get the best results is.
  7. I admit it could be construed the way you said. But it actually is a case where it can easily go both ways and is unclear. The whole rest of the explaination for events talks about deleting weekly events to be replaced by monthly ones. " Oh ignore the haters on the weekly events. That being said stop them. Make it a weekend double xp gd. And then every month (NOT every week) have a bigger and better event. " Oh my what a difference the context of additional sentences makes. So yeah I can see how you might misunderstand that but no your reading was not the most correct reading of that sentence and it is very easy to see that. Them is vague but clearly the only subject mentioned enough to be worthy of being defined unspecifically is the fucking subject of the whole line of thought which is weekly events. You were not the subject of that thought, maybe read past the second sentence as it becomes very clear once placed alongside the rest of the thought. I am writing loosely, if you insist on being a computer about this you will return errors, errors that any human of average IQ will have little difficulty understanding. Half the damn posters here are using literal fucking machine translations and you are getting up in arms like this and committing to your twisted reading without checking if thats what they actually meant?? Total lack of sense. Stop trying to beat me, that isn't the point of this and the tactic you are taking is of the deliberate fool. 'Maybe he could have meant this horrible thing!' Maybe you want me to mean these horrible things because it satisfies an expectation you already have. Every other post on this forum seems to have done so. Is it all of us? or maybe just you. PS: That being said is a phrase that means I am conceding something or pointing out a second thought that might appear to be in conflict with the first. Similar to a but or a yet. It makes way less sense to go "Ignore their opinion, yet silence them" that would hardly be ignoring it would it? It makes more sense as "Ignore their opinion, yet ultimately its thrust is correct so stop doing the bad thing" Then the other sentences jump in to offer the solution. Its worded strangely but definitely makes more logical sense the way I intended it than the way you read it.
  8. Except IM PVE remember? You are just projecting onto them. Despite your attempts this conversation has nothing to do with PVP vs PVE except that its a symptom of the problem I pointed out. Yes stan mammon. Satan Satan. Its a villain from a story I wrote. Hmm I wasn't aware that you wouldn't stay in a safezone. That doesn't change anything though there is a vault inside the safe zones you just have to get in with an empty character. If it dies you have an option to spawn in the safezone. I swear though that when moving between the pvp servers and the pve servers that I have stayed inside the safezone. As long as you don't fuck with your inventory it seemed to work well enough for me. If it doesn't work then I add the option of spawning into a safezone to my list of suggestions obviously. I'm not trying to make things shittier lol so we don't have to take every detail as literal gospel. If it needs adjustment to work then it needs adjustment. Seems like a silly reason to oppose making safezones useful, obviously it'd be changed so that you aren't at risk of losing your character while doing the blackmarket/trade. That was the point of me mentioning in the safezones. Why do you take it all so literally? I'm spitboarding here. "Exactly what youre doing to us. Our opinions don't matter you said so yourself when you said the Devs need to put a stop to us and our opinion.. the demon of greed trying to command us. Funny. Don't dish it out if you can't take it. " I never said that. And the literal first thing said to me as feedback was to stop saying what should or should not be done on pve servers. So stop having an opinion, despite the fact that I play on those servers myself eh? So umm no its very much you doing the thing and me being like oh that wasn't hard to set these guys off it was almost by accident really, I just had a strong feeling this would happen and didn't run away from it. Wait. When I told the devs to "stop them" I was talking about the weekly events. Pretty sure that is made clear by the whole rest of that section, talking about changing weekly events to monthly ones. You are literally the touchy porcupine reacting to everything here. I am at least still attempting rationality, I could be failing and I am sure a good number of these miscommunications are my fault but I'd at least like you to drop the PVE vs PVP take as that has nothing to do with what I am trying to communicate. Your squad has already shitted up every other thread on the forum with that debate. I'm sure the devs get it. So lets have a different one, how to make trading and safezones work and how to bring more things into the game and out of poorly constructed menus. And keep new players of course, which blaming the other half of the playerbase for is entirely irresponsible and dare I say childish. As I said before the devs made the system, so lets calm the pvp rage at least. It doesn't belong here. But yeah how to make people stay and how to add more depth to the PVE experience because that depth is experienced by everyone playing OW whether its PVP or PVE, and by improving that the game as a whole improves and new things will be done in the game instead of afk farming pointlessly easy enemies or fighting in one town.
  9. See what I said about misconstruing. I guess metaphor and idiom are too complex? You'll just play stupid, take it literally, and act like thats some kind of rebuttle? What gives either of you the right to tell me not to do something? or not to suggest a change to PVE? I've literally gotten a "stop having an opinion on PVE servers or private servers". What gives you the power to say nope your opinion is disqualified? Cause where you got that power I am borrowing it to say the same thing back. And that's what I was trying to say when I said who died and made you king? where you can just say DONT YOU DARE TOUCH OUR PVE!!! YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE!! But if you want to take that literally and make it into an area of contention go for it. The longer these posts get the more likely someone useful will see them.
  10. I am very proud of you but it is laughably easy to kill all of the enemies on the ground too. That's really the point I am trying t bring up and you lot would rather fight over PVP vs PVE. IM A FUCKING PVE PLAYER YOU INSUFFERABLE RETARDS. I only made a forum account because I had to make one to post. I have been playing new z for years. It is laughably easy to kill all enemies however you wish. I get bored a few weeks in and then quite for a couple months and then come back to see if anything is added (which it almost never is). Standing on a box makes it far simpler and like I said literally shooting fish in a bucket. the fact that I have to go out of my way to not use obvious strategies in order to make the game even have a remote chance of killing me without me either lagging out or doing something absolutely stupid is a joke. I am trying to offer suggestions to improve your damn experience too and all you want to talk about is pvp vs pve which has absolutely zero relevance to me or any of what I am talking about. Whether or not I am on a private server doesn't matter. I am pointing out flaws true to the game on all servers. Private servers would change too, they are part of new z and new z has flaws that need fixing. What is so complicated to understand about that? By pointing out anything that I think should be changed, as small as a droprate, I am talking about something that changes private servers. Your ridiculous standard is impossible to meet, no one would be able to offer any suggestions for anything. If you want a perfectly controlled private experience for yourself then perhaps you should make a game? If they added anything it would naturally be in all OW servers, pointing out that a broken thing that needs fixing is even more broken on private servers is an aside. And who says I don't own a private server? Every complaint leveled at me is essentially I'm an asshole, which is true and deliberate in this case, or I'm not qualified to speak because x which is just you running your mouth off with nothing and assuming my level of play because if the age of my forum account. To answer both of you at once yes I am being rude and I am talking to belligerent children who have no wish to read any of what I am actually saying and a massive desire to fight over something entirely irrelevant to me except that its an obvious symptom of a flaw I pointed out earlier, broken pvp. You guys can't even be bothered to read what I've written each time and actually understood what I tried to mean. My posts have basically been reduced to pointing out words you missed in what I've written. For example : "Oh and IF you took your friends to PVE land... they can't get "farmed". On real PVE boards players cant hurt you. At ALL. You can only gain rep on PVP servers.  " Are you just deliberately misunderstanding what I wrote? we go to pve so they won't be farmed but even there after a couple runs they've seen the entire experience the game can offer and have then said nah lets play something else. But yeah just assume I'm a moron and misconstrue what I say to back that hypothesis up. " I don't play the game to make friends (although I do have a few, this however took me a very long time to establish) I do not chat with people when I play. I do not except group invites either, nor do I except friend requests unless I actually know you, or unless I have talked with you extensively off line/out of game. I am not here to socialize, I can do plenty of that when I am in trade lounge buying/selling/trading '" Plays an mmo multiplayer game, spends the entire time running away from any chance to meet or talk to players. Pretty sure you want a solo game buddy. You won't even need an internet connection for that. I can tell you one thing though and you won't like it. If you are playing a multiplayer game to avoid all people you are literally doing it wrong, word definitions and the game. There are very few ways to play a game wrongly but playing a single player game in order to meet people online or playing a multiplayer game in order to never encounter another player are both backwards. You can do it but you cannot pretend thats 'normal', how it was intended, or at all relevant to the future progression of the game. You aren't playing their game, you are playing your game with their engine. " The weekend events are only subpar when the PVE side is left out. " Dont be so self interested. The events are poor when they objectively add nothing relevant and change almost nothing in the game. PVE or PVP. Its not about whos getting stuff its about that zero stuff is being gotten period. If you can't see that then what I say about blinded by the drama of the fight stands. " you sound exactly like someone else who came on here pushing nearly the exact same ideas. Mr "worlds greatest beta tester". He left a month or so ago and here you are new. Really makes me wonder.... " Are you a schizo too? Its way more suspicious for you and your flock to attack in formation the way you do than for someone who openly said he read the entire damn forum before posting to have an idea that sounds similar to another idea mentioned. I guess the childish/bitchy remark stung. I tried to be impartial by acknowledging you were ultimately right about most of your complaints with the pvp community here. They are very dismissive. unlike you lot I haven't been blinded by a stake in the game over a pointless fight so its pretty easy to see that you lot sperg out and misread and misrepresent a lot of stuff in order to carry on your crusade. Its especially obvious now that I am on the receiving end of it. But oh well that isn't the point. The point is to bait you lot for a bit (as its an easy bait all I gotta say is PVE weak or bad or imply that I want to change anything that might effect how you play the game which is sort of what suggestions is for so I guess this whole section of the forum is just endless triggerings) while getting some feedback on my suggestions and see if your talent at raising the devs attention by generating a big stink couldn't be put towards them seeing some of the shit I've written. They don't seem to respond to normal requests lol. Maybe I should type in orange, that seems to work . Or at least they claim to read his posts but obvious don't implement any of his suggestions cause if they did the game would have actually been way better off.
  11. "Did it ever occur to you that some players started playing this game only because it had a PVE element? I only get aggressive on the forum when people think its ok to make comments about closing servers and pushing to pop servers by force. Sniper trauma probably does exist on some level for some, that though is NOT why I advocate for PVE ." If sniper trauma/pvp trauma doesn't apply to you then I do not speak of you. It is very telling though that nearly every thread I have read that was posted on these forums devolved into the crusade to save the honour of PVE or whatever. I would see why people want a PVE zombie experience but I don't see why they would choose this one. Its very empty and there is very little to do. In PVP or in PVE but it is worse in PVE. One enemy and 1.5 bosses isn't a good look (being a different colour with more hp does not a different bossfight make.). That was actually the primary thrust of my post. Provide a more intense PVE experience for all players PVP and PVE by building into the mechanics of the game and use that to fix the primary two issues of the game: Oppressive unbalanced combat that punishes new players, a broken gameflow that mostly involves either running around 1 area in a giant map and blasting bunnyhoppers, or running around in a giant map for a bit and then logging off to dump loot and trade in a different world. Dumping loot and trading need to be happening in game. Its literally killing the community. "It had nothing to do with snipers, had entirely to do with the players themselves. " No community = toxic community. From both the PVE and PVP perspective. Most of the comments I read here about the PVE and PVP divide have not been positive and the PVE side definitely writes longer and bitcher posts. No offense but if I could get a computer to analyze it it'd spit that fact out at me. It'd also say that the PVP community is more dismissive and the devs generally only do PVP stuff. So you aren't really wrong either. So that's why I want safezones to turn into server hubs. Right now there is no hub, maybe trade servers, but I don't see many friendships and community spirit style things happening in there. Its important that player in game can find their way to the community hubs so that they can impact it. Someone showing up starving in the safezone or complaining about a bambi hunter is a community event that is just as much a part of the game and its experience as the stuff that the devs code in. People can dump their good gear and hunt the bambi hunter nearby to keep the safezone clear or feed the starving noob or whatever. Right now there is limited ability for players to interact in a random or neutral way and cause free and interesting events. Even on PVE servers unless its private the predominant attitude is to steal drops and fuck with the other guys superzombies. "I kinda like this. Over the years similar has been offered as a suggestion. " I'm glad you like that as that's the entire goal of this post. Produce the experience I listed there. "Yes im critical. You can ask @Sven , when they do things for everyone I praise them. " I wasn't specifically referring to you on this one but mr orange letters. Not all the stuff he says of course I've like a bunch of his suggestions. I just find it silly to want a weekly event and then be surprised when the weekly event is going to be subpar every time. Delivering stuff in a timely manner or consistently isn't these devs strength and weekly is always hard and automatically full time. That's why I suggest just a double xp/gc weekend and then a monthly event that has had an opportunity for more time to be put into it. Weekly or monthly events will not ultimately impact the declining playerbase though, if that was the intent it is wasted effort. Fixing the flaws with the gameflow and new player experience is the only thing that will save this game. The devs don't have to use my solutions of course but if they don't fix the problems I pointed out somehow it will only ever be downhill for Infestation the new z. I'll admit to being pretty jaded, I tried to get a bunch of friends involved in this again including some players who used to play a few years ago. I got universally shut down within an hour of play each time with no chance of return. Most people seem to only last 2-3 loot trips even if we go to pve and they don't get farmed for reputation. But yeah then I checked out the forums and read everything and saw that most of the proper solutions had already been suggested and ignored over the years. That's why my post has elements from other peoples suggestions tossed in. I read everything and added the good bits to the hordes/safezone fixes I proposed. But also reading the forums over the last few days was kinda painful. Its been a shitfest in here and most threads turn into two sides talking right passed each other about PVP and PVE. I personally don't care and play both. Both are equally boring in a game that gets 9/10 for concept and feel but 2/10 for implementation. and like I said the whole PVP/PVE fight is because the devs are too silly to fix an oppressive system that is destroying their game.
  12. "Then please stop saying what should and should not be done in the PVE servers. " Its not a separate game and you don't own it. I play PVE often but that is beside the point. Just because its your safe space doesn't mean you're the only one who can speak on the subject. If markets are added to PVP OW in the safezone then they will be added to PVE as well. Its the same map. If enemies are added to one or drop rates are changed they will change on both. So literally get over yourself and try understanding what someone says before reacting to it. "It's funny how you don't see PVE players doing this bunny hopping crap. What you do see ALL the time in trade lounge, (the SAFEST place in game) are the PVP players constantly hopping as if someone might be able to hit them and do damage! Ridiculous at best!! As far as spacebar/V, this does not dominate every PVE enemy, nor does it turn the entire game into shooting fish in a barrel. What your describing is how this might effect PVP play. PVE players have no need to go about hopping. " Again understand before responding please. Every single enemy in new z is defeated by hopping on top of an obstacle and shooting it in the head where it cannot hit you. This is shooting fish in a barrel. LITERALLY. There is no challenge from any enemies. Even if they get the drop on you, even if you are in the open fields of death valley. Run around like a jackass, rope every super zombie into following you, then jump on top of an oil derrick or on that small house in front of the compound. Them smile at the crowd of idiots including as many supers as you feel like gathering, and shoot the helpless fools. Jumping is more powerful in PVE than PVP. It literally defeats every enemy the game throws at you with zero ability for them to challenge you back. Its even worse in private servers which almost all PVE servers are as the GI locker provides a permanent unbreakable placable object you can use to jump onto anything. It would be game breaking if there was much of a game to break. " This insane. The PVE players that I know, along with myself would NEVER venture onto a PVP server (safe zone or not) to buy,sell, or trade anything. " Funny how I said it would be in ALL SERVERS PVE and PVP. If you are so scared of logging onto an open world server even though you are literally immune to bullets in a safezone, you can simply make the pvp players come to you to buy things. They'll be happy to log into a PVE server to shop inside its safezones they are already happy logging into a trade server and PVE servers will be where the better server shops are as msot of the loot farmed will be done in the PVE server anyway. But seriously how do you think they'll get you in a safe zone? lure you out with cunning wit and charm? My post isn't part of the PVE PVP argument. I am pushing to change the fundamental experience of newz which impacts both map settings equally. If anything it improves your ability to farm and makes the PVE players more involved in the wider community without exposing them to danger or ridicule. Rather you would become the primary source for all lootable gear the lynchpin of the economy. You are blinded by you fear of PVE being suppressed. I did not say what you read into my words and your complaints are mostly irrelevant to what I was suggesting.
  13. Ok so the title basically explains it all. Think of that as a TL;DR. Let me introduce myself by saying I have played newz on and off for a few years. I'm hardly new but I've never been more than a casual player, I don't have time to game hardcore anymore. I love this game but also find the whole situation it is in to be silly. It's some clown word shit I think the game can pull through and offers a unique and fun experience. I'd certainly be sad to see it go. So I've worked out a list of suggestions and observations I've had about the game. I offer them in no particular order beyond my own convenience in explaining what I envision. First of all the new player experience is absolute garbage. There is no polite way of saying this. Trash and extremely off-putting. How even is an explanation for everything? What are the controls? how do you move multiple items? Who am I? what is this? new players are almost totally left in the dark. Most of my friends GG out once they try the inventory menu. Its janky and backwards. For a game that draws heavily on inventory management its is buggy and slow and awkward and painful. If they get passed the inventory and log into an open world server they find themselves in a fun and awesome world, quite the zombie survival experience, all these cool guns, so much loot, food, thirst, gun attachments, cool towns and woods, this game has it all. But 30 minutes in they get 1 shotted with a sniper. So they respawn and it happens again, maybe 20-30 minutes alter. And again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, anda agian, and agian, and againand agian adn again. Relentlessly and endlessly. Eventually they leave the game or they go find a private pve server and autofarm for pvp players while larping that its an actual gamemode, in the worst cases of sniper trauma they end up on the forums advocating pve rights like its some kind of oppressed group in need of a social movement (PVE is important and should stay please do not get up in arms thinking I want to end your fun ). This is 100% a failing of the game and its developers. None of this can be leveled at the player base, snipers have oppressive damage and punish positioning and lack of knowledge, noobs are not equipped to deal with this. Noobs cannot get equipped to deal with this while trapped in the shark tank. Noobs thus learn to hate OW and play their own fun PVE game with PVE friends and try to never think of that openworld shithole again. This has been an obvious problem for years, how hasn't it been fixed yet. Sniper damage should be halved. Basic snipers should ONLY kill on a headshot if the target has a BARE head. Full stop. Even a 3% def helmet should save them with 2% life. This is only the basic sniper of course. The next tier up should 1 shot headshot if they are wearing weaker than the 8% helmets. Alternate with the next tier of helmet countering the 1 shot from the next tier of sniper. Do this until the last couple snipers and let the most powerful sniper still kill on a bodyshot if they are wearing 17% bodyarmour or less. This will tone down OW sniperZ. It'll still be prevelant due to the mapsize and that is fine, we need to see AR battles and we need noobs to not walk around for a few minutes and then get a death screen with zero interaction for the first 100hours of their gameplay. Otherwise the game dies, that's just common sense. In addition the helmets and other armour pieces should offer bonuses to various weapons; leather boonie hat could give bonuses to anacondas and double barrels for example. Something like faster reload, reduced recoil etc. Boonie hats and ghilile suits could provide bonus sniper breath holding time, slight sniper silencing or etc. This will make all tiers of hats belong to interesting loadouts which is what the developers wanted anyway and stops the current paradigm of 1) get into game, 2) see wealth of cool items, 3) ignore 99% as the lategame shit is laying their at your feet anyway and no one uses anything less than top tier. Now I want to talk about what I will call 'gameflow'. The gameflow is the plan or progression the player wanders through while experiencing the game. Its the default set of actions taken in order to pragmatically accomplish whatever the game or player sets as their goals. So in New z OW what do we do? Well we can kill zombies, kill super zombies, explore the map, collect loot, or fight players. Most of these actions overlap heavily but this is a good thing as it allows for smooth transitioning between activities. So a player logs in for a farming run, plays, collects an inventory full of good loot, then logs off dumps it and logs back in. They do this a few times and then sit on a trade server. Someone who is pvping logs in, asks where the current pvp city is, busses nearby and then plays an endless whirlwind of dying and respawning and running back into the town to kill a few times and then die and respawn and run back into the town. This current way of playing leaves me with a few questions. Safe zones are currently pointless so why do they exist? Current OW pvp may as well be a rotating maps of each OW town in a battle royale lobby. Why do we even have a map? Its not like anyone is using it. The skilled players gather to fight in one spot, the noobs wander around a bit and get sniped by a bambi hunter. The gameflow is all off. We aren't playing the game, we are jumping in and out abusing menus and meta mechanics and then grinding a couple actions we've found to be fun. Immersion is thus ruined. Stuff needs to happen in the world. The first to fix would be safezones and the global market. Trade servers should be removed. I am not joking, hear me out. Get rid of trade servers, put an auction house/blackmarket in each safezone in each server. These safezone markets are unique to the safezone and the server. Making each server have 4 server markets. In these server markets players may sell items to other players. The marketplace displays each item ONCE, only showing the cheapest price for the item and how many are available at that price. As players buy the list updates and shows the next cheapest copy of that item. When players sell their items they see the current cheapest price for the item only, it is up to the player to select a price and decide whether they should undercut the cheapest item by 1 dollar and have their item displayed first and thus sold first, or else put it at a higher price than the cheapest and hope people buy enough of the item to bring theirs to the top of the stack and then be sold. This blackmarket of player selected prices leads to a natural economy that is supplied by the player base's looting. Trade server thus become redundant and an extra menu/ loadscreen that must be navigated, it would be better to just have the player on the various PVP and PVE servers, even if they start hopping between servers or safezones in order to find the item (especially if, this leads to a healthy community forming in safezones). In order to protect the new economy only the most basic in game loot should be purchasable in the global game market thingy, a few basic guns, the 30 round clips for the common ammo types, some 9mm, a medium bag, bandages (not the higher tier healing) couple basic melee weapons etc. Put these markets in the safe zones too as an NPC in the general store, keep the players away from shopping in the main menu!! Sell basic food and drinks from a vending machine in the bar. Sell a few novelty alcohol items from an NPC bartender. This turns safezones into server hubs, places people will actually want to visit and hang out it. Ideally this will cause players to include safezones in their looting routes and hang around flipping gear, chatting, and forming parties etc. Again, pve, pvp, literally everyone benefits from in game community and trading. PVP/PVE doesn't matter as it'll all be in safezones anyway. Now we need to fix the PVP camping. That'll be easily done with hordes. Put a horde meter in every named location. Each horde meter is a 30 minute timer. Whenever a player is in the duration the timer counts down the seconds they are inside, if there are multiple players the timer counts all of them in the same horde meter, so two players is double time (15mins) and three triple (10). Each zombie slain in the area bumps the timer 10 seconds bringing the horde closer. Loud noise (sprinting or firing unsilenced guns) bumps the timer too. When the horde arrives it does so with 2-5 supers and 20-50 zombies that are already aggroed towards any loud sounds. Then the timer resets but to a 10 or 15 minute timer instead until the area is empty of players for a full 30 minutes. Now players are forced to always be running away from an endless horde of zombies. The game changes from, hey lets loot and camp and pvp to holy shit they are hunting us lets clear out of here before the horde arrives, this area has fallen to the undead for the next while. Players will move around again, they will journey between loot areas, staying in no single place for a long time before hitting up a safezone to put gear on the market, empty their bag, buy some new supplies and head out again. Along the way they will encounter all types of players going about their own playstyles, pve, pvp, bandits, lawmen, traders, groups and solo players noobs and pros. They'll all come across each other in a non hostile ingame environment and do community shit. pepper the forest between the locations with zombies so pvp fights in the woods with unsilenced weapons always lead to a few zombies wandering in. Put 4 roaming hordes on the map, one in each quadrant. Let them patrol all over those areas of the map. The PVE experience needs to be fixed as everyone encounters it when they play in a map with zombies. 1 basic enemy and 1 boss and 1 other harder boss is hardly a diverse pool. Currently spacebar is the most OP button in NewZ. Spacebar keeps your head safe in SniperZ: All Noobs Ragequit, and Spacebar/V dominates every PVE enemy and literally turns the entire game into shooting fish in a barrel (with an autoshotty too to boot). This is unacceptable lol. Its total bogus silliness. Nerfing snipers already helps with the pvp side as bunnyhopping in front of a guy with an AR doesn't do all that much. Making a couple new enemies will help with the stale experience with the monsters. I suggest 3 new enemies. A zombie dog or some other form of tracker zombie, this zombie goes on all fours and has a much wider detection range, moves faster, and alerts other zombies (or even causes some to spawn in) when they identify the player. The second is a zombie crow or raven, this bird attacks from the air and can usually be found in the isolated farm locations or in the woods, it provides a way to threaten players chilling on objects out of normal zombie's reach. Its also fun to shoot flying things and shoot at the sky. Make players look up. The final enemy is a skeleton. Skeletons can use guns but cannot get headshots. They either spawn with guns or pick up the locally spawned guns. Same strength as a normal zombie, their accuracy is terrible though, I'm talking stormtrooper bad. This threatens players chilling at heights and also makes it more fun to run around doing PVE and looting random shit (especially as all higher tier loot items that the entire playerbase has access too will be found exclusively in game by other players, Keep the Skinshops GI lockers buying etc, leave it in the main menu its not part of the game experience). So to sum it up, get players moving around on the map by making the maps more dangerous for camping and random pvp shooting through horde mechanics (Random growing hordes in the woods can be a great community event btw. Give clans a real job, suppressing killer hordes) Give players a reason to visit safezones by making them into server markets (vital!!! Has to be unique to each server and safezone), meet up spots, GI inventory access etc thus further encouraging player map movement and IN-GAME community generation. Get rid of trade servers as superfluous (Don't take that specialists vending machine away though, pop it in the blackmarket or bar or store.) Nerf snipers to stop sniperz from raping your ability to gain new players. Also improve the inventory and do a better job bughunting so the game is less jerky and weird as that is a huge new player turnoff. Make kits or sets with armour/helmet items that improve specific weapon types. (masks improving handguns and melee would be cool) As for some random suggestions, blow up the warmup servers and replace them with the battle royale lobby. For random PVP and getting better at PVP that's the shit lol. Stop working on competitive, there is no reason to reinvent counterstrike and it won't fix your playerbase. New modes does not fix your playerbase just further divides it, improving your current modes so they aren't half games without lategame goals would be much better. Survival is literally OW with more grind and less riots. That isn't a mode, that's laziness. Keep it and improve it cause crafting is cool and survival has potential but lets not pretend that it isn't just a more annoying and grindy version of OW. Zombies only dying on headshots is fun for practice though . IF you must have competitive do a team battle royale. That way the competitive mode would be about actually playing new z well instead of call of duty. Oh ignore the haters on the weekly events. That being said stop them. Make it a weekend double xp gd. And then every month (NOT every week) have a bigger and better event. Half assed events pushed out to make the weekly deadline are a slap in the face to the playerbase. They would much rather have better events but less often. (PS: Changing drops isn't an event, something has to happen in game. Make it have a bit of a story. Like monthly episodes.) Finally, and this is actually finally, your current drop rates are a joke with the airdrops and super drops and spam of k helmets and heavy armour. Drowning in clothing. So hopefully that didn't come across too harshly, I love this game and want it to thrive. Pretty sure the devs are nincompoops and a large chunk of the playerbase are reactionary and traumatized after reading the last few years of forum activity. It's like walking down a highschool hallway Eagerly awaiting basebuilding even though its kind of a gimmick and the quality of life, noob retention, and fixing gameflow are much more pressing concerns. Goodluck, thanks for reading, have a wonderful day.
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