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  1. Well when Fred made a a cheat for his own game that killed the playerbase a ton a few years ago an nobody could trust him. His first anticheat was called MLG Anticheat i remember seeing that in 2017 if im right an that was just clickbait to bring new players who didnt know the game & all the shit in the past an when they saw the term MLG that was the door knocker. This game has potential i just wish Fred wouldnt have done the shit that was done years ago. Im surprised theres still a playerbase after all that happened. The cheat fred made did bite him in the ass tho as least hope he learned from that mistake. Its gonna be sad when the game dies out its one of the most decent free to play open world survival. I enjoy playing it from time to time. But i might as well start to find another OW zombie game i expect this game will be dead maybe in 2 years.
  2. Hey im a YouTuber for YouTube & i wanted to make a suggestion to the game that i personally think they charge too much GC for renting a server. I looked into renting one for the community because in my opinion 10 slots is very low but 30 seems reasonable. To recent a 30 player server for 30 days costs $40 in GC. That's crazy dude. Kinda explains why theirs not very much servers around in 2019 because you cant only rent one if you literally rich. I wanna suggest the cost to be lowered or grant us server software to be able to host our own public server on our network if our bandwidth is sufficient to host a server. If that can be a option for next update im all for paying For a server but it just costs way too much especially for 30 players for 30 days like come on bro. Is that even a possibility. Im sure if people liked this feedback. I know people would be all for it & the server list would be pretty active like it was when i played in 2017 on a buddys gaming pc.
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