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  1. wipe is used where the server or hard disk has been destroyed and he is forced to do so. Otherwise wipe only to puke and offends own players does warcraft or Blizz or other famous games use wipe? no serious and famous games do not use wipe because they respect their own players when you go to the bank and the bank said: "we wiped, your money is wiped" wouldn't you be offended? will you bring the money back in the same bank? or will you go into the bank with the "wiped" weapon to get your own money back p.s. explain(elaborate) - not necessary if you play as a private player, but the game needs to evolve with the right road, and not wipe
  2. the game survival has almost become a strategy game, so the so-called reboot patch is not good - destroys the game and players reboot patch can be used for the games openworld and batle royale where there is only shooting and jumping
  3. can we play until 15 oct? OK
  4. very sad this reboot-kill "patch" Game over
  5. play more and you will have more sniper weapon ... or kill zombi, collect money and buy sniper weapon, where is problem? I've played a lot over 20 found a weapon, I've prepared my inventory with everything, I'm ready for the game, and now you want to lose everything? Is that correct? or if the guns are everywhere, like in open world mode, is that realistic?
  6. miranda

    Weekend Event!

    Hello The Server-Time must be in Home-start, the Player should know the Day or Night, is until he gets into the Game..
  7. yes, all zombies are very weak, super zombie too - just stand survival
  8. clear cache from launcher and restart or support: https://playnewz.com/support.php
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