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  1. miranda

    Weekend Event!

    Hello The Server-Time must be in Home-start, the Player should know the Day or Night, is until he gets into the Game..
  2. yes, all zombies are very weak, super zombie too - just stand survival
  3. clear cache from launcher and restart or support: https://playnewz.com/support.php
  4. you have very strong computer, so it is difficult to notice the 64bit advantage i think the weak computers will notice 64bit more easily
  5. With 64bit the program runs more stable The ram can hold(lift) more The program has become more somehow freedom very good p.s. but i haven't been in the fight yet in combat, the player will notice the 64bit performance sorry my english
  6. start "launcher", clear cache, restart launcher
  7. hello survival: the player often gets infected, it's hard to find co1 or co4 or any ingredients. I think there should be more co1, co4 or ingredients for krafting
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