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  1. As for groups/clans I don't see an issue with removing their tags. IF you really are playing with "friends" as you say, then your "FRIEND' tag would still show up! So really...who are you trying to kid here that you just wanna go play with their buddies Ok, so about wipes. Again...Devs..DID YOU LEARN NOTHING the 1st time?? What happened to the promise of "NEVER AGAIN" @Fred ? Was that just to calm the base down? My sister is part of the players you lost during that fiasco. Most of your old players will remember this... And may bring further unintended consequences such as losses from other modes. J's...it's your game but players have long memories!
  2. I guess you missed the vote about this then, didn't ya. Go back and look at the numbers of how many voted to keep what maps. BTW, who cares where a player is from?? What does it really matter?? I'm American and I play V2. I've met players on there from all over the world ! What a dumb thing to say... Only blah blah blah blah blah play here...
  3. If you would please Sir, let me know where such negative comments about icon rework are? I am on both discord AND I looked on the original post. There was nothing but raging compliments on the work. Also, at no time have I ever taken @CampersRUs comments to sound like he/she represents or is the "voice" for all players. Matter of fact none of the folks that post on here do that are regulars do either. Now if you want to level that accusation, have a go at JoeTv and Stan Mammon. Both of those came to the board professing to know "what gamers want" and even if you agreed with them on anything bc you didn't jump on board their PVP fantasy train you were less than human, subject to ridicule and apparently that was "acceptable" and you would even "consider" their ideas after they admitted they only came to cause trouble . @CampersRUs has only held your feet to the fire sort of speak on pushing for promises made to players to be kept. It that's makes that one a bad player on the forum, bring us 1000 more just like em!
  4. Majority of us are xp'd out, skill full GD is nice most players PVE & PVP benefit from.. Wearen't asking for that though, they have gave lists of suggestions in the past. Why keep giving them?? I've seen many past posts with we'll look into it. Well consider it...nothing materialized.
  5. How about this @3lias sales options should not count toward any mode for events. Problem solved! Server sales, GC sales, item sales anything that costs $$$ while it may be an aspect of an event it isn one of the primary 4. Just as map changes was brought up as something that shouldn't be part of BR events, but something just on rotation. There are ways to fix players concerns...but are you really willing??
  6. While yes 'buying servers" is an artificial attempt to cover your PVE players, how about doing things that don't cost $$$ like is done for PVP??? Why is it hard to understand that you do a ton of "double rep" or "double br. Boxes" and such yet when it comes to PVE it's here, buy this and support the game!! Wow... That double standard really shows!
  7. Has hell frozen over JKS?? You and Adrian been almost getting along lately
  8. Also let me add here that I'm rather new here, and a had NOT said anything about any Devs UNTIL NOW. I mearly pointed out that when Steve or ANY DEV is needed no one came. You allowed verbal abuse To go on for days. That's not over worked...that's neglected or willfully ignoring a problem hoping that your noisy PVEer pop will quit. Funny, after the guy called you guys nincompoops you even considered his ideas but bashed every one else. Your priorities are messed up dude or this guy was created by you guys... Read his OP...not my words. I always take special consideration for the words of the man who calls me a an idiot...you guys are special.. *******Edit******* I tried to multi quote a post by DNI_Adrian on Aug 3 rd that drives home my point that neither of us are the ones to call the Devs anything neg, just stressing that even the Devs weren't safe from his verbal abuse while it was going on. I ask which one he called that bc he was being just as offensive to you guys Ashe was to us. Yet no one came. You let players get verbally abused and it wasn't right. Where was you guys duty to moderate YOUR FORUM and protect YOUR regulars like even me now I guess from people like that guy you just said "um yeah , it's ok we will listen to ya after you abused our people like that.. just try to be be respectful next time".... That makes a VERY BAD impression on new people of your game!!!!
  9. Where? Hmmm By "where' I mean again and again admins are called out by name, especially when someone is being verbally abusive. And where are they?? Oh the posts don't lie...on discord chatting it up and ignoring the forum. How do I know. . I went there. I pointed out there was an issues here and someone came after the abuse was over and the girls had to block this guy who admitted he was onlyhere to inflame the board and cause trouble. So yes,I called @Steve out. I'm not blind...And I'm not dumb.
  10. Lots of cool ideas there. Wonder if they will listen?
  11. Apparently not. It's ok, I'm about to report this all to Steam. I have done screenshots of the whole thing.
  12. @CampersRUs I guess we are a squad too. How dare we agree on things. How dare we have an opinion. Worse, how dare we voice it. Personally, I think he came here in hope of getting them banned. @DNI_Adrian does the "DNI " part of your name stand for "Do Not Instigate" ? If so, it fits well regardless! @Katryna247 I have not seen much from you lately. Where have you been keeping yourself?
  13. Did you catch his comments about not respecting people he PVE's or PVP with? I've reported close to half a dozen of his comments. Including those he admitted to only coming here to bait, troll, and piss people off.
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