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  1. The loot need to be improved, i mean, some places from old iss are missing loot, and add more variety of loot
  2. Me and my brother we are back to the game, after years Old WarZ players
  3. Why we need 2 maps in ISS CLASSIC? WE just need 1 map, Colorado V1, 2 maps just will divide the community...make no sense 2 maps...I believe 90% of the players want COLORADO V1 and not Oregon...or 2 maps, we just need 1 map. This way we only will see empty servers..:/
  4. I wish they just disable skins in Survival mode...Skins in Survival mode just destroy the feeling..I mean they could make skins, but only for cosmetics and should not allow to use skins in weapons etc.. this way would be much better, i know they need to make money i know, but people can use skins in other modes if they want to play with skins, and you can make skins for cosmetics. But please dont allow use skins in survival mode in weapons etc... Im also a old WarZ/ISS player and i will come back tomorrow
  5. Devs is possible to remove skins just from the ISS CLASSIC? i mean, dont allow people use skins on weapons, armor etc..in Survival, only about Cosmetics and nothing more. Many old players are excited about this ISS classic, but just because of the skins many of them are exitating and yes the skins just brake the feel of survival. People can use it but in Arcade, battle royal etc...They shouldnt be able to use it in Survival to make it even more imersive like before. Just skins for cosmetics please. We dont want skins in Survival please devs. I came here to ask you in name of many old warz players if you can disable skins in Survival, but only in Survival. Thank you
  6. He downloaded the game today, because of the ISS coming, and he was playing on survival just for test the loot, and he noticed everytime he aim he have to press again to remove the aim, and when he press CTRL he just blocked...whats wrong with his controls? something in game? Problem solved!
  7. Please remove the secundary weapon in character, i mean you should hide the 2nd weapons like if it was into the bag like before.
  8. The active players on NewZ was about like 300 players active are the people who just want PVP and skins and snipfest etc..the others k of players are the players who want the original ISS, and it is coming back
  9. Cant wait to try it!...Old WarZ player here, and finally someone heard us and bring back this game...Best game ever WARZ. About basebuildings, we dont need basebuildings in a game like this.
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