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  1. Hello, I have been playing this game for over 8 years now though out all of the old and new owners and 3 to 5 different game names and 10,s of thousands of dollars of my hard earned money on skins and drops and servers I have spent in those years lets not mention the thousands of thousands of hours I have given of my time... I know more about this game then most if not all of your dev and that is said with no disrespect meant. I can not believe that Infestations would even consider that wiping would help the problems that Infestations is having.. Thats not even close to what Infestations needs. if you do that you lose me for good I have written Infestations on many occasions and never received a reply back to tell you of problems some serious and some not so serious but no reply The one thing I can say is I do appreciate all the things that Infestations tries to do but you are going the wrong way and doing the things the wrong way I will make you a deal you get a hold of me and at no cost to Infestations I will fill you in on what you should be doing on area 69 in Oregon and why players have been leaving the game and what it will take to gain our players back and newer players to stay I sure hope you take this seriously I LOVE THIS GAME please stop this land slide before its to late this game is and should be one of the best games to play we are not that far away to fix this crap please lets talk thankyou.....( ruaskinsfan )
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