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  1. We will be in contact again since my game worked for 3 days and now I get the same old error message again ''FAC: Driver is not responding'' from one day to another Idk its kinda tilting. Even bought premium yesterday. Last time it fixed itself after about 2 weeks of contact between me and the support
  2. 51 hours without an answer now. Keep it ticking xd
  3. I wanted to give the game another try and installed it again. Obviously it wont start so I opened a support ticket 2 days ago. First answer took the support 8 hours. Second answer 20 hours. Now my ticket is pending for 22 hours. On a good way to make it a full day. All this while the support page shows between 10 Minutes to 3 hours response time ETA. Last answer was that ''they'll check my logs''. But I'm almost positive that this process wont take 24 hours. Is the game getting closed soon or why is the support almost non existent? Thanks in advance, A potential player
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