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  1. man i create various threads about the same because devs/mods say nothing about that..and you know game is not going well, you could make this game much better...i really hope Eletronic extreme add EU/NA servers in Infestation Revival. We just play NewZ because we have nothing more, we dont have any options man and even without any options you dont care about it and dont make a good game...sadly but its time to move on, went a good time before, not now.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc6_V_X4lkg&fbclid=IwAR0gbQBVx6TAA-zjOJMTQnHqWb4JTyRzGpSmmNpgLQrlVuhGDYdjfJBoi9E And damit...how i miss it so much...many memories...would to much difficult to bring it to us NewZ devs? why dont make the game similar as ISS Thai? Im wondering if Eletronics extreme will bring it back again...is like a dream that wont be happen sadly....Thai players are luckers...they have a great game, they have 2 Infestation games...we just have NewZ and is so boring because these devs just make it so different to the concept of this game. Devs now talking men to men...would be impossible to bring it to us? you have the game on your hands, you can do so many things, please devs...As you can see NewZ is literally empty. I believe if you make a refresh and make a game like original ISS you can bring so many players back again and new players. Do something please I was in Infestation Survivor Stories: Thailand site, but i cant download the game, if i could i dont care if i had to buy some VPN to have a good ping...but we cant download it :/ i talked with Eletronics Extreme, and they said if they will open their game to rest of the world, they will announce on their fan page...but i dont think this will happen... Svena and Fredaikis the most important devs on this game please, make something and bring us back to the game, to the old good days. Many people are missing it, but we just dont have more options than play NewZ and most of them dont want play NewZ because is completely different and is not the same feeling and you know it, Hope you can do something and bring us back to the game...we can dream... Thank you for read my post guys
  3. Hello everyone, As a veteran player of The War Z / ISS / NewZ , i would like to know what is the future of this game? As you may noticed game is literally empty all the time, people dont want play this because you change completely the concept of the game and you divide too community. You should start to remove some modes like Survival, pvp servers and Warmode. Survival mode is always empty. Warmode is always empty and is just useless mode. PVP servers just will divide community rather than to pvp in main servers. Make the Infestation: The New Z more similar to ISS. Just make 1 mode to put all together. when i say 1 mode is the main map with main official servers. And Begginer servers This way this game will close later or earlier....i dont know what devs think..but they could make this game a great game like Eletronics Extreme did with ISS THAI. You have the rights of the game and you just dont care about it..just doing useless things that no one cares... we just have Infestation: The New Z...so we have no other options like thai players have, they have 2 infestations. ISS THAI and ISS New World. So devs please make this game a good game and not a boring and useless game... Please devs, do something and bring us back to this game.
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