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    i still want the PVP thats the fun side of the game but there needs to be more players and to get in new and old players i think what i said in the post needs to be done.... im not syaing that they shoud make wepaons super rare but you shoudl not find them laying around efter freaking corner. same with saniper they are supposed ot be a rare Strong/op gun not the main weapons but thats jsut my opinion... i mean do you remember when ppl like dakotaz, summit and all those toehr streamers were playing. sure there was aslot of snipers but not so all players jused them, they were a cool and rly strong gun, and the main focus was still pvp, i dont think anyone playced back then for the survival it was jsut kinda there
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    yes i know but to get new players for the "normal" mode i thinik they need to make those changes... otherwise thise game will keeep losing player i mean its down to 200-600 players now and we kinda need 1k-4k players for it to have players to fill some of the servers so we dont just have one with like 50 and the rest servrs have like 0-10players
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    Hello dear devs and players! This is just an ide that i have to bring in new and make old players retorn to the game.. So as you guys know in the curent state of the game sniper and loot is so easy to find its around every corner and you kinda stumble on snipers all the time.. do you guys remember the old days on warz when the loot was hard to come by and you kinda had to work for it, i mean when you found a scar h you felt like you found a rly strong gun, and when you heard a sniper shoot you shit ur pants and either started running towards it coz you wanted to kill the guy that had it, or you ran coz you were to afraid of that OP gun i think this would bring back alot of oldplayers and help new players find the game more fun.... but thats jsut my opinion if you do this you rly need to make alot of noice about it on social media so ppl see it and wants to try out the game again, and plz focus more on the bugs and uppgrading the game then focusing on new skins or stuff thats jsut there for a cash grab when ppl come back they will buy premium and so on you dont need to have to much skins for all the weapons, i dont say stop making them jsut to not focus so much on them hope you guys like the ide cya ps sorry for my bad english
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