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  1. Here is a compilation of my opinions and suggestions about some topic discussed on the Discord. For a bit of background (and to give myself some legitimacy) I’ve been playing Nether since Steam release and I’ve played every iteration of the game (about 1000 hours played) I ) Tribe System Currently I find tribe system unrewarding. The only point to grind Tribe Rep is to have an easier time grinding Account Level. I advocate for a big rework of the system to make Tribe Rep more meaningful and engaging towards objectives. Here a three suggestion of changes that are complementary: a) Tribe Rewards: I suggest that a tribe vendor is added, offering deals depending on your tribe rep OR that every Tribe Rep Rank gives you a 5% discount on the general store. Once Max Rank (Cherished God) you get a random reward (guns, meds, utilities or cosmetic) every 10 000 points earned b) Tweaking Rep earning: Capturing a territory should be far more rewarding in term of rep (I would suggest around 200 pts). Killing your own tribe should be -200 pts. Changing tribe should make you lose 20% of current tribe rep with every tribe you have a positive rep with. c) Adding city territories: Adding 3 tribe territories: a. Salary center: Earn 150$ every 10 mins when controlling the territory. b. Crusader (Big building next to highway with big flags): Earn +50% tribe rep. c. Bank (somewhere between cook tower and LSZ, south of city): When you control this territory, you can open the golden crates. II ) Events Currently, events are not balanced. Some are High risk low reward; others are low risk very high reward. Nether surges are basically useless. a) Nether Reaper: Reapers are too easy and provide everyone in its killing zone a Cru which is arguably the best weapon in game for PVP. I think we should go back to the PureFPS era when reapers would drop on death loot on the ground : Some money, 0-2 high end gun (TFC, Rab, Mag dr, Heartburner or Mach 9), 1 reaper blade, 1 melee weapon ( machete, katana or skullcleaver), 1 backpack (Large or extra-large) and 3 meds or utilities. To balance that, reaper should have at least 30 000 HP instead of the 10 000 they have now. Finally, I would like to also bring back the current health percentage of the reaper shown on the map, so you know when a group is fighting it. All these changes would put an end to the Cru plague and complaints about this perfectly balanced gun. And it would be giving us some Top 10 Anime Betrayals. b) Escort: Escort is the most dangerous event in a populated server and kinda risk free in empty servers. I don’t know how to balance it but clearly it would be great to have it worth the run on populated servers. c) New Event – World Ender: Basically, a Reaper ++ with a ton of HP, ranged attack and a great nether escort that would require at least 5 well geared players to be dealt with. Would Spawn once a day and stay an hour, rewarding great chunk of XP, Tribe Rep and dropping some nice gear. d) Nether surges: Would be great as SaltyLeon suggested in his post (https://bit.ly/30Zbics) that Nether Surges were located on the path between 2 safezones to disturb package running. III ) Opinions on frequently discussed subjects a) Guns balance: I Like the way guns are balanced atm, but I would agree that nerfing the rate of fire of both Mach 9 and Cru might be a good change. Unlike SaltyLeon, I don’t think you should be able to use 2 primary weapons. b) New Guns : I would love to see new low/mid tier weapons like a silent pistol (9mm Barrel, Pistol Frame, silencer; 12 bullets; Slightly lower damages than S&R) and a Composite Bow ( 2 wooden blocks, 2 metal pipe 1 sewing kit; Arrows made of wood and metal; 400 damages on hit; “Bullet” drop) c) Removing Snipers: Nah, if you don’t want to die, either play with the terrain and weather or don’t play at all. d) Courier Pick-up Station: Why not, not a big deal. e) Moving while looting: YES PLEASE f) Splitting items: once again, YES PLEASE
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