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  1. Thanks for reading. I will look into adding more in the future, possibly in other posts instead of this one.
  2. MY GRAMMAR ISN'T PERFECT IN THIS POST, BUT YOU CAN EASILY STILL GRASP WAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. I ALREADY GRADUATED COLLEGE AND GOT A JOB. -sniper spawns reaper only, making the reaper a must go to event when pop increaes causing insane pvp with a big ass thing following u -safezone crates should be given by respected vendor instead of spawning in safezone and hunting. -hitbox fix and NA ping fix, make a East and West,i believe ther should be 3 servers for every region. -screechers should be fixed or removed IMO, i like the concept but they can literally see you through walls. -hit box on all nethers -ambient noise fixing, look at warz, the ambient noise was enough and not annoying. The safezone ambient noise is terrible. -time to kill adjusting. Add armour would be a great fix,prevent sniper 1 shots unless in the head maybe?? -sprinting/stamina/ walking needs to be reworked. -the skill tree damage and speed should be removed. i say it should increase maximum stamina instead of speed, and the gun damage 20 % increase should be removed -lower tier loot, such as pistols, should be relatively common. - I think shotguns are at a good point, what's worse then a 1 hit sniper is a 1 hit shotgun. -When using a shotgun or any gun for the matter, when you scope, the bullets shot be going where the site is pointing at. there are times where the spread wil go insane, no where near my red dot/ sight. I understand in real world there's a bit of a give at close range since it shoots from the barrel, but wherever the middle of the screen is when aiming down should be where the bullet shoot from. Increase recoil if need be. edit: - Fixing capturing safe zones when they failed. I was at train output and it was literally impossible at certain times, i killed all the nether and they spawn back INSTANTLY, sometimes barely any spawn. =fix the animation timing, after i take my knife/ melee out and even gun, it takes forever to acctually hit or block, there is a big delay, once the melee is in motion it should be ready to block. -There should be key ghosting, forexample if im walking and holding e and then i run up to a item to pick up, it should start picking up said item without me having to let go of E and then pressing again. -there are loot boxes that still dont drop loot or at times dont drop loot, i even looked around and in walls. possible A EXTREMELY unpopular opinion but would make the game a lot more fun, remove snipers in general, atleast for now until the game gets a bigger player base. i would like to see how a survival runs without a far range scoped 1 shotable weapon.
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