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  1. Thank you @Tyrelis! They sadly forgot along the way it was a survival game (that is the reason I bought it), but yet again it ends like a battleroyale feel. I have bought so many games that took the exact same direction. I wish they could mix some of all the zombies AI's from state of decay and world war z, and make a fantastic multiplayer pve game with events on map. But the money is in skins and battleroyale.
  2. @DNI_Adrian You have been very helpful, and I hope it works. I'll try what you said and hope for some kind soul to trust me/us or have room for us on their server I am just refreshing serverlist hoping someone opens, and then I try like everytime to gain some trust, or pay some items in return. Ammo, Weapons, medkits if i can find those. I am willing to work a bit for it, but not unreasonable. Sorry if my english is bad But it do seems like I don't get to play more before the kid has to go to bed
  3. Last private survival server now locked too But I get it. They get overrun and you cant enjoy the game because there are no zombies. So sad. Just a sad panda right now
  4. @DNI_Adrian Thank you for the advise!!!! Your the first who has sent me in a direction I can do something about. There are to many jerks and I understand you! So sad to see good people getting stepped on when they only try and help.
  5. @DNI_Adrian Thank you! You get my point. I did rent a server and used all my birthday-money to do so. I am not unwilling to pay, but I simply don't have money for a server. But good luck with your server @DNI_Adrian and I will go back to hoping for local server function
  6. I should add it is survival I want to play, but a too crowded server is no fun either. If i could play LAN server with my bf I would.
  7. Haha, but I want to play with my boyfriend. Don't want to be crowded Just wanna run around and loot and leave people to their looting And don't have money to keep renting a server
  8. I did miss this game when servers was down. I was very glad to find servers again, but I am not a PVP kinda girl! I hope one day there will be an official PVE server, or a local/LAN server option so i can run around with my bf. I will say a prayer and hope for the best.
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