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  1. It would look great with the chrome set but unfortunately, the glasses are smashed into her skull, which makes me sad.
  2. Why can't you insert points unto your skill tree in-game, wouldn't it be possible to do that, without logging out? I don't know jack shit about WarZ coding, but it would be nice if it were made possible, for both Open World and Survival.
  3. Bad internet created that gun lmao.
  4. Raymolfin

    Hej alla.

    I lige måde fyr.
  5. When will server rental be available again?
  6. Please read the post before leaving a comment next time.
  7. The Christmas calendar premium event has in my opinion been a huge success, and I was thinking why not make that a thing? My idea is that a casino-type "Wheel of Fortune" is to be implemented that premium(and above) players were to spin once every day, much like the current premium reward system but with a pinch of excitement. The prices don't have to be big or anything that would make it seem like a defacto "P2W" tool, but rather small rewards that nonetheless would give the community a reason to log in every day. The prices/rewards could range from GD, items, skins or even small amounts of GC. Thoughts?
  8. Trying to be polite online 101
  9. As the title says.
  10. This is like explaining politics to a child, no offense.
  11. I know that this is a long shot, but all my friends have gotten alpha keys for Battlefield 5 and I haven't, So if anyone by chance has a key and aren't going to use it, I would be very thankful if I could have it!
  12. Doesn't matter. Items have to decay over time or they will become a commodity. Please google what commodity means. Attachments were infinite, this was a problem in I:SS, which they failed to fix even after adding durability. Survival mode is a general improvement from what the original game offered, except immersion, which is heavily lacking in NewZ. I'm sure you DEVs can figure out a way to make durability an influential part of the game. This is a survival sandbox, not infinite item simulator where there are 100,000 Scars in 2 more months. Wake up.
  13. It would greatly improve the gameplay in my opinion. The idea above combined with a limited amount of repairs.
  14. All items need durability to maintain the loop. Can't have infinite use items. If not, we'll just have a another "Open World" type game mode where everybody have high-end weapons, which causes everything to eventually become a commodity.
  15. Please add a 20 min cooldown on respawn, if you dont, survival will be no different from open world.
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