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  1. So my friends mentioned to me that this was a thing, I was kinda surprised and would like to be excited about this but I do not know if I will be or not. The last time Nether was any fun to myself and my friends was when it first came to early access in steam not when the game released but before that. I am talking back when if you had to jump over anything you had to be careful or else they would hear you and start screeching and coming at you. It was scary... If you fired a gun you would be faced with them popping up all around you and so you had to think before trying to kill another player. The game was everything I ever wanted in a survival game. The only thing they could have done at that point was add more to the map and triple the amount of Nether. I hated that all survival games favored PVP more then anything else. When the game released it was crap. They made it to easy to get around and to easy to kill other players which thus followed every other crappy survival game out there. There was no challenge from the Nether and honestly no point in them being in the game at all. The waste land map addition was lame as well as the tribes and crafted that was added. I though am not a big fan of crafting in games, more so just cause I hate having to spend so much time trying to find stuff just to craft one item only to loose it because someone kills you a min later. I don't find it fun. I would be excited for this Whole thing but only if The nether were buffed up in numbers by quite a bit and if crafting was gone, and Nethers hearing gets a back to where it started at. Tribes are pointless for me but not a game changer at all, I will never be bothering with the whole tribe thing anyway. The map needs a revamp in graphics and in size, More city..... Most importantly, if they do not focus on pvp, No I do not want PVE only, I do like PVP but I enjoy it more when people arn't D.... about it and just kill for no reason at all. I enjoyed it when you had to think about it first because if you did not, the nether would kill you.... I get the strange feeling none of this will happen and it will still be the garbage game it was turned into like all the rest of the survival games.
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