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  1. I made a post a few hours earlier but it disapeared. Anyway I don t know your work on New Z but judging by the fans you guys did a good job on it. I've been playing Nether at the beginning of it and loved it so much... You just can't count on your reputation to get the fans comeback and pay (again, like me) 15 dollars for a game dead twice without a real change of it (anticheat and optimisation won t be enough...). There s a lot to say on the game itself... about making money so it can be viable for u guys I hardly trust your answer I quote, sorry. Cs : go is a perfect example of a way to earn money without turning in pay to win. It s mostly about skins... The hunter : call of the wild is interresting too. Same game but different maps you can choose to buy or not at a reasonable price. You could also do somekind of crowdfunding during a short period (or an infinite perdiod...). I mean something like the game is free for all in it s current non finished version but for those who believe (or like me want to believe) in it, pay an amount and be rewarded for it (15 dollars to get updates 1 week before others, 30 dollars to be able to name a tribe, 50 for a Nether T shirt etc.) Also I was thiking of optional game mods : - pay to participate to a contest/treasure hunt - pay to be able to use graffitis (like in cs) and the more of your grafiti is on the map (on special areas) make you the dominator. (And you can pay to have a grafiti with your name etc.) There are so many ways to make money, of course I m not in the game business and I can only guess but come on ! I think there s not only Game to pay and Free to play. I m sure you can also hire some fans to help that won t even ask for money ! The atmosphere of Nether is awsome but let s face the truth, it was only a newborn early access beautiful baby with just a few game mechanics AND a loooot of potential. Make it your own game, don t just bring back from the dead a far from finished game. Be a remarquable studio, the one who finally succed in making the awsome game it should have been. Enter videogame history ; )
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