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  1. I remember when someone here proposed the PvE idea in Premium and I think you saw my response on why I personally don't think it really mattered since Premium is already empty as it is, but I also read around that you started to do 'some' PvP and wanted to say that if you ever want to play together, I can PM you my account name so we could add each other. I'm not a fan of how Open World PvP turned around to be honest and I think I voiced it in other threads, so my I would avoid places like NATO for example. My PvP gameplay has some PvE in it too and I like teaming up with people who can appreciate not sitting around in the same spot for hours on end. I also don't kill on sight a civilian or anyone with green reputation unless I have a VSS on me and I'm being attacked lol. But I do KOS red reputation because I always expect them to shoot back first anyway. Though I do team up with those of all reputations if they're really being honest about wanting to team up. @DNI_Adrian
  2. V A C A N C Y


    Coucou! Les voitures sont vraiment rares et parfois elles apparaissent n'importe où, parfois par des super zombies. Le ZK Spawner, par exemple, ressemble exactement à un bouclier anti-émeute (riot shield). La couleur de la voiture ressemble un peu la couleur des boucliers anti-émeute, mais avec une légère teinte verte ajoutée. Après ce que je sais, vous pouvez les piller sur des serveurs PvE mais aussi sur Open World.
  3. Just one thing I'm gonna say. I have witnessed a lot of clans/teams form in the PvP server mode. Often people don't have the chance to have a lot of PvP fun because of how broken PvP is in Open World where everyone is camping around Boulder or Nato with riot shields and snipers. It's so hard for beginners to even learn their guns and experiment with snipers. But PvP mode offers that. Yes, Warmup mode can do that as well, but in PvP experience and reputation count and it's challenging because you lose your guns. Let me explain further why PvP is important. PvE-ers don't honestly have much to do on NewZ but they enjoy looting and trading guns etc. In PvP mode people are losing guns every time they die. It creates a cycle. PvPers need more guns, then they well seek out traders or use PvE servers to loot. In my opinion Warmup should stay just that. For practice at the cost of ammo. Sometimes it's just nice jumping into a PvP mode server just to go ham on people after coming out frustrated from Open World.
  4. Why would we need a new currency? And for what? Just for the sake of having a new currency? There are honestly other things they need to invest their time doing since they're pretty busy with Nether as well. Rate, as it is now, is good and I say good because I have Premium. People with no Premium honestly don't get a lot. If anything, they need to increase it just a slight bit. Here I'm commenting about your suggestion for the SVD to cost 500k. I think nobody would buy it, so this addition will be fruitless. On PvE servers people can farm SVD all the time. It's also not even a rare rifle. You also said something, this: "There you can only obtain Items that cant be found ingame. and The Prices will be very high!" In this case why do we even need a Safezone market for that when there is the official marketplace for this kind of stuff anyway? Why more markets? And yes, nobody is gonna buy an SVD for 500k when people are trading skins for 1 million. And people want to put money into skins usually since money is valuable in game since you need it to take buses to travel around. This one I won't question and I agree with you that the Skill Tree needs new skills. Again, they NEED to focus on PvE content. Not sure how many times I keep saying this. Using GD to rent private servers is a bad idea. NewZ is able to make its money off skins, premium accounts AND private servers. I hate to say it, but a lot of people think that games should come free but they forget the fact that there is an entire team that needs to be paid for helping the developer with the game. Who's going to pay these people to keep running NewZ if no money goes into their pocket? This is a business for them, a game for us. Again, I really don't see the point of new currencies or a Survival currency. Like, for what purpose really. I'd rather see Dev teams implementing new things that will actually keep the current players hooked and bring in more players. Time is valuable. Please if I misunderstood anything feel free to clarify it! Cheers.
  5. V A C A N C Y

    New NPC

    Thank you for taking the time to clarify. I get what you mean now!
  6. V A C A N C Y


    Like @N_e_n_o said, Survival mode is like that and people don't even play it much. Survival mode was a bit what WarZ used to be. In 2016 when NewZ was launched, a lot of the people who quit Warz to play the Infestation emulator created around 2014 i think, joined NewZ and many people are pretty happy with the excessive loot in Open World. It is what it is now even though it might not be what we wanted, some of us. The majority who play the game now are doing it for PvP purposes. I honestly think erasing OW for Survival will make a lot of people leave. Because that is basically what you're offering here. Right now, what NewZ needs is more PvE content. PvE players tend to be longterm loyals while PvPers jump from game to game looking for better action. Right now there is nothing that Infestation offers PvE but loot grinding and zombie killing with no purpose whatsoever. So you have the majority of PvPers doing what they do the most, and PvEers on the standby, just tagging along. There needs to be a balance. Repetitive game play tends to get boring. I'm a PvPer but I would love me some rich PvE content. Yes, NewZ needs to bring in more challenge without turning Survival mode into the main mode. They need to work with what we already have now instead of converting an entire mode into something else. Baby steps maybe. Turning NewZ purely hard loot Survival could have worked out if that was the first mode they've introduced.
  7. V A C A N C Y

    New NPC

    I'm kind of confused what you're trying to explain. You make an offer to who, what and for what reason? What kind of system are you suggesting here? What 'spam' or 'glitches' are you talking about? Is this something that's already existing you mean? And the other reason why I'm confused is because you're talking about 'safezones', so it's clear you mean in either PvP Open World or Survival and not the Trading Market channels, and you say that you trade with the NPC, but then you say: ''When someones will buy your deal'' And in my opinion the Trading channels already exist for these things and Open World has way too much loot laying around that I doubt anyone would go all the way to safezones to trade with an NPC, or with people. An auction house system would work better in Survival if that mode was equally fulfilling for both PvP-ers and PvE-ers methinks. So were you talking about an auction house system of some sorts? Can you please clarify more?
  8. V A C A N C Y


    My opinion: okay, and here they returned...then what? Giving them a gun is pointless because guns can be easy looted and giving them a skin or special outfit can be useless too because giving any item for free to bribe players to return on a game like Infestation will only bring them back for like a day or a few if not any, but it's not that that will keep them. But with all the games out there, why would anyone want to come back for free items? I'm always sent emails from games I've abandonned where they offer discounts on microtransaction items or give away free stuff but I don't find that alone interesting enough to go back to a game I've abandonned for reasons other than free items. With the Viking event, it's going in the right direction. So I beg to defer because events are just as important as the other positive changes they could bring to the game. It's only by making the current loyal active players happy that you'll actually bring in more players. And they need to bring in true PvE content, an actual mode. And reason why i say events are important for current players is because word of the mouth travels faster than an automated email offering free items for returning members, and if the current players are not happy, there won't be any newer ones really. Not to forget mentioning that if someone abandonned a game, chances they won't even read notifications from that game. There is a great event coming up and maybe because of that many people might play it. I'm just not sure if old players still get email notifications of events. @Thangngo @Sven thank you for thread!
  9. Good question as I wondered the same too! Contracts are valuable items for PvE and they're common that yesterday I ended up with 5 taking all the space in my backpack, having to drop ammo or other guns just to fit in a contract. Can you guys make them stack?
  10. Jesus no. Not all of us want it easy.
  11. Thank you for finally listening and giving Open World events too just as much as Survival gets.
  12. Good suggestions. Though I suggested Tribal outposts a long time ago on Discord so I'll just use same thread to post the idea here that i discussed with others back in April and May and a lot of players seemed to approve and this is for the sake of PvE players too: "Like a small idea: It might be just wishing and dreaming, but I've always imagined Tribal settlements with different perks than being in the safezone, with rivalry missions given by NPCs (for PvPers and PvEers). Rivalry tasks could vary like 1)attacking rival settlements 2)kill x number of a rival tribe and get x reward 3) stealth missions to bring x package from rivalry settlements to tribe, and etc. Settlements don't have to look like safezones. They could be in the underground, on the floor of some random building, in the wastelands, anywhere really. And friendly fire off for ppl in tribes. It's also a way for ppl without 'cliques' to still team up and defend."
  13. Yes, I support a Riot Shield wipe or remove them completely from the game. I'll clarify a little more why I'm really against them and let's take Nato as an example. If you go into any high pop server and you venture near Nato, you will without a doubt get sniped, unless you're quick to react by pulling out your shield too or you can see your attacker before you get sniped. For spawners, it's a Russian Roulette sort of situation. If you spawn outside Nato anywhere on a high pop it's a high risk you take of getting stalked by the person who saw you spawn and getting sniped. A lot of beginners venture into Nato thinking that it will be as safe as it is in PvE. I met so many of them who get caught in the crossfire and they have no idea what is going on. Nato's perimeters offer high spawn points, but that's also where the PvP in Nato takes place. It is rarely inside Nato. Why? Because it's easy for anyone with riot shields and snipers to fight there. But, take away their riot shields and I guarantee they will be forced to squeeze in behind trees or rocks for cover, or venture into Nato base and use whatever they find as cover instead. At the same time, you'r challenging them. There are zombies everywhere inside Nato. 1 Zombie running towards a man could alert another of his enemy's position thus the person behind cover will have to move to another spot, unless he's brave enough to stay put, despite knowing that he's position was given away, and take on whoever knows where he's now hiding. But outside Nato, nobody needs to worry about zombies. Same for Boulder city. Nobody really fights inside the city. Same with Norad, nobody really fights inside Norad. It's become that snipers hide behind riot shields and camp spawn points as well because they have enough cover to do it. You can't deploy trees to take cover behind them, but you can deploy 20+ shields if you want. I've seen a bambi spawn with a handgun. Guy saw an enemy with a sniper and he took cover behind the tree. He was rushed by the sniper who closed in on him until he killed him because the sniper guy had the shields and used them to get close to the bambi. But in a situation where the riot shields were non-existent, the sniper guy would have been: 1) forced to use trees for cover as well for a fair fight 2) stay in his sniper position and wait for the bambi to come out from behind the tree, 3) use a rifle and rush the bambi. Either way, the bambi still has a chance to fight back since he could still use stamina and jumping to his advantage to dodge enemy sniper shots and take cover behind the next object until he gets out of sight. So why is PvP taking place in the outskirts of towns and cities when it should take place inside? So that the perimeters of a town or city could be somewhat safe for others who are passing by or coming in.
  14. Well since we're speaking of PvP and you're asking my opinion @Darkio I'll tell you what I think. I HATE the PvP we have today. I'm old school and I love me some PvE here and some PvP there. I am NOT a fan of seeing everyone on a map camping the same spot on the map bunny hoping with riot shields and sniping everyone on sight and call that 'fun PvP'. If anything I find that extremely boring. I must be one of the few PvPers who are sitting in PvE now waiting for Devs to do something about Open World. Yes, I agree that people have crazy amount of snipers but I don't like the idea of wiping snipers simply because it took me since 2016 to amass the VSS Vintorez collection I have now, and legitimately so. I don't want to type the name of the Black Market here, but people sell this shit for real life money through paypal and it's been like this since the days of WarZ. Wiping snipers might make it fun for PvE-ers maybe to start looting all over again and trade them, but I know how PvPers work and I know that a lot of them wouldn't mind spending 5 dollars on 50 AWPs or M200s, or M107s and just a dollar extra on VSS. And that's what worries me. You ask about my point of view what I feel which steps would I take to better the PvP and sniper gameplay. Well I'll say it again, rid them off those goddamn riot shields. Beginners and other players lurking Open World with the intention to make friends and 'survive' together stand no chance against experienced players who spawn each round with 30+ riot shields. Go up to any of them with a handgun or a rifle and they will hide behind a riot shield. I don't care if snipers need cover, but those riot shields make a fight very unfair for a beginner against highly experienced snipers. And add more zombies. Why are we playing a 'zombie' survival when the zombies only spawn in towns, bases or cities, and why are they so badly scripted? Perhaps they need to make them faster and spawn faster around hot zones, like Norad, Boulder etc. And when I say 'faster spawning for zombies' I mean it. I mean they're the devs and they took responsibility when they picked up Infestation. Why must it always be the players who try to guide them in the right direction when it is their job to figure out new ways to make Infestation equally fun for PvPers and PvPers alike. Survival Mode is the only thing left of what used to be a really good game before the old devs screwed it. And right now it's dead and yet two weekends in a row they give Survival events when Open World has no event really except for that double GD event. So yes, I'm utterly bored as a PvPer and I'm not a fan of KOS random people and when I want to use my guns I head to Nato and Boulder and no guilt fight other players who are there to kill back, but this shit is getting old, very old, and it's not because of sniper rifles. Edit: Also Escape from Tarkov is a Battle Royal. Wipes are good for that genre. Not a survival genre that is called Infestation NewZ unfortunately. Not this game that has nothing else to offer.
  15. Agree. I was going to reply to that thread after finally seeing Sven posted. I thought 'oh finally someone who wanted to actually converse about the events' then next thing I see thread is locked. I mean you guys want to hear our opinions so that we can as players help communicate what other people want and it's much more fruitful when one of you guys is actually having a back and forth conversation with us.
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