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  1. Yeah man it has a GI inside every Safezon ( well thats how the game is now, if the new devs change i have no clue but i guess they wouldnt change it )
  2. Not to sure how gamebreaking it is tho it is very bad for the games economy, basically you can get for example 6 to however many hunter ribs and if you split them into all different stacks ( like shown in the video ) it should take 6 hunter ribs for the ump but it recognises 6 and takes only 1 stack, good luck with fixing it as there are many things it works with such as the salt in vid 2 but i assume it works with EVERYTHING that is craftable ( including weapons )
  3. You can replicate by Sprinting while doing an emote though instead of holsing the "W" key you hold the "S" key instead and keep holding it until you jump though you can change weapons during the animation, not game breaking and i guess not inended
  4. You can replicate it bye Sprinting and deploying the glider at the same time you jump not very hard to do or game breaking though it changed your character model to be floating above the ground as if you are gliding. Need anymore info be sure to hit me up.
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