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  1. I hope you guys have what it takes to undergo bringing this game back from the claws of the demon it created. This is a mix of suggestions and questions, separating them makes it really short. 1> Are there going to be micro-transactions? I honestly wouldn't mind you making full use of a micro-transaction system that is part of the steam community market, that way anything you get in game you don't have to drop when you die and it all could be stored in the wardrobe via global inventory (If that's a system you all are planning to use) 2> Are you going to create a cool roadmap? It would be awesome to know what's coming up, ever heard of the dead linger? In simple it was a failure but it had an awesome road map which paints a picture of where it wanted to be. 3> Workshop Support? Honestly, if you throw workshop support + micro-transactions the community will make a majority of the cosmetics for you. 4> Are you going to give people who purchased Nether: Resurrected anything off the new title? It would be appreciated but I understand if you cannot. 5> Are you going to allow a single-player mode? If yes then will it have your Anti Cheat on it? It would be really cool to mess around in single-player and not be sent a VACation invite that I'm forced to accept. (No I'm not VACed in Nether) 6> "Nether: The untold chapter" Is this name an inside joke? I was questioning why this name because there was never any chapter finished by the last development team, at the same time it's funny because that's why it would make more sense. You are telling a chapter that never got past it's beginning. I'm going to be hanging around here. I'm excited like everyone else and wish the best for you all to bring this game back.
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