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    Ideas list #1

    Hello. Here are some thoughts about new content for the Nether, that might be usefull in development: 1) New NPC, who gives contracts for players. You choose from several repeatable quests from list (maybe done in daily\weekly form). - Liquidation \ bounty hunt. Activates target on map (could be deady nether-monster with x2 HP\damage (or more, depends on difficulty), player have to eliminate it in certain time period. Reward is money\gear. Also target could be guarded with simple nether mobs. - Courier. It's already been implented in game, the goal is to transport package from one safezone to another. Additions: add HP for package (enemy attacks damage it); big\heavy packages slows down player, so he becomes an easy target, but also reward should be bigger. It'll be great if quest have simple description, like "friendly settlement runs out of water, bring it to them" or "settlement is in need of transistor, broadcast is not operational" (in this case package could be damaged because of fragile contents) - Tresure hunt. Player could purchase coordinates of a spot (approximate zone, for ex. 30x30m) on the map, where he can find some valuable loot. After activation loot appears on spot, as well as nether-mobs. - Gathering intel. Player have to travel to different areas where he can find specific radar stations and for a certain time period collect data from them. This actions could attract nether mobs. 2) Living world. The main problem of the game was not only in cheater and bugs. Core and setting of the Nether is great, but world in general was quite empty, so players couldn't find enough activities. Besides addition of new quests there are several ways to make "living world" feeling: - Human NPCs in the world. Some of them could be placed in settlements with simple animations like standing at the bar, sitting on the top of wrecked car, moving from point to point, sleeping etc. Also some convoys moving from settlement to settlement, some NPCs could scavenge on their roots and fighting with nether creatures. - World bosses appears in certain points, it would be great if it'll be brand new creatures, big ones and deadly, so players must group together to face them. - Factions. Free PVP is pretty simple idea, but adding faction will rally players together and give them purpose to hunt down enemy factions and maybe raid their settlements\bases. - Unique nether hunter creatures. The main difference between simple nethers and hunter ones is in distance of player detection. When Hunter detects player it start chasing him with specific sound and animation for a long distance, so player could be took by surprise any time. - Unique paranormal weather events. It may look like dark red storm coming, and if player couldn't find shelter in a few minutes the storm kills him (or poison in some way, make debuff or smth). 3) Map extention and\or dungeons Current nether map is not very big, and in some areas are quite empty. If developers wants to start new chapter in game I think new areas to explore are must have. Also dungeons are an option - it could be accessible through undeground holes and then new map loads (so it would not affect the main map = wouldn't load servers badly). It would be great if dungeons will be proceduraly generated from some blocks connected to each other in random way, so you never know what to expect. I understand than most of this suggestions are hard to create, but some of them as I think could be added to the game without significant production cost. Please let me know your opinion about all of this. p.s. sorry for my english, maybe sometimes I've used wrong words. Van Z.
  2. Hello! First of, the community of Nether is pretty excited that you guys took the reins of game development, thank you for giving us hope. Could you please share some words about: 1) Mod support? 2) Content updates after release? 3) any roadmap maybe?
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