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    Guys, this is no longer serious, why no one wants to figure out my lock. Me do not answer with those support. How do you prove that I was banned undeservedly. You don’t tell me for what programs I was banned, how can you know that I played with cheats. Perhaps they were present on my computer, I did not even know about it. But how can you say that I used them, if you cannot establish the fact that I really played with them. I was blocked by the error of your anti-cheat. Because as much as I demand proceedings, no one answers me, everyone writes only that I really played with them. If I played with them, I would paint so many times from December 31, 2019. I just don’t understand your logic, I have been playing the game since 2017 and I heard and saw many times how you unlocked players who play with cheats many times and more than once. And now for the hundredth time a person is writing to you who has nothing to do with playing with cheats at all, because I didn’t use them and don’t understand how I could be banned for the usual entrance to the game. And asks you to understand everything so that you can continue to play calmly. They write to me that I played with cheats and did not check me at all, when I myself ask you about it, would I start asking for cheats with cheats? Think for yourself. Why in other games can do this. And for the second week now I have been demanding an unlock and it's all useless, even in those. support stopped responding to me. This is how to understand everything ?!
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    What programs can you list them? Because I swear to you that I did not use anything forbidden, maybe I have something on the PC I do not know and because of this I was banned. But you can’t get in touch with me in any way, but I played for a long time with cheats, but these were other games. I never used anything forbidden in newz since this account is very dear to me.
  3. Dear Sven, please help me, I wrote support 20 times about my blocking. They answer me the same thing that I will remain blocked, how can they prove that I really did not play with cheats? I'm already tired of sitting and writing the same thing every day

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    I wrote in those support as you said, I got this answer "Sorry, you are staying banned. Thank you for trying out our game!" And always like that. They just scoff at me, I just have no nerves left, how can they prove that I really played without cheats. Why are people who play with cheats unlock them and more than once. And I didn’t play with cheats, I just went into the game and they banned me, and then they tell me that I played with cheats and there will be no unlock, how to understand this ?!
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    Hello, help me please. The other day I was blocked forever. But I did not use cheats. Since I play newz since 2017. I wrote many times in those. support, but they always answer me that I played with cheats and the topic is closed. Every time I ask you to check me from head to toe. To make sure that I really play without cheats. But no result. I don’t know who to turn to for help. Help me please.
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