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  1. Devs and owners have to question themselves the aim of making this "Survival mode". What's the idea of Survival mode ? Survival from what and how? The NEWZ game has mode options for players to choose and play, which is great ! If they want PVP, they go to Normal mode. If they want like Hunger game playstyle, they go to Battle Royal mode. Also, there is competitive mode. Each mode got different playstyles and functions. But what people want to choose to play Survival mode ? Survival from players ? Survival from Zombies ? Survival from Hunger ? Survival from other environmental stuff ? If Devs want to focus on harsh PVE playstyle, yes go for it. For example, Increase number of zombies, more different zombie skins, More difficulty when dealing with them (Run, Climb, Faster, Low stamina gage, etc), adjust food, adjust weapom and ammo, more, more , more. more If Devs want to focus on different PVP playstyle, yes go for it. No barricade, faster spawn, loot rates, force player to use different types of weapons, no cars, more, more, more ,more Yes, the Survival mode has opened to play for years, old player will absolutely have more GI than the new players. We can't deny of that. I have good GI too. I have invested time of farming, grinding, trading, etc. I deserved to have good GI because of that. I deserved to be greater that new player's GI. This is how I survive. Wipe is not the answer. The answer is back to my mention from the beginning. What do you want of this Survival mode? What do you want it to be look like? You go for it. do some marketing research. If it answers the niche of what people like or wanted to play, players will come.
  2. Hi again , survivalist Here in this post will contain the basic and few tips related to the zombies. I will keep updating and If anyone has any cool tips and tricks about the zombies, please let me know so it shall be more updates. 1. Escaping Runnies !! Do you remember this of zombie's behavior ? The one that warming his knees before jumping to you as fast as Usian Bolt !! That's right ! I call them "runnies" There are few ways to escape the attack - Strike first , No.1 rule of Cobra Kai, when it starts running, aiming at the head will not work. Hit in the the middle in its heart like this - Do the famous circle Run , When you see it running at you , and got some distances, you can jump run in circle like the picture bellow. First you run back a bit and jumping in circle. This zombie can't handle back flipping. huhuu 2. We can jump on zombies' head let picture explain itself..... buy doing this you could climb their heads to some cool area for example. the wood fence in above pictures, so you can jump over to another side Up on the bus even the famous Police station's rooftop ------------------------------------------------------------------- There will be more , If you could share ---------------------------------------------------------- Comments bellow
  3. UPDATE !!
  4. kajerng


    New map is coming , I think they are focusing to finish the map . maybe story line might add after that.
  5. Hello Survivors Today I introduce you the decent place to farm decent guns (high tier) Which are AUG , IMI , SIG , M4a1 , HoneyBadgers, AK-47, L85, Famas. I've tested few other military area already and personally finalize that Camp Splinter is the best among all places. It is small and full of loots, and the ratio of high tier guns you can get per minute is highest among all place. If you are trying to find decent guns in your G.I. inventory, KaJerng recommends this place. I will share my method, aiming to find only high tier weapons quickly. Pro: Food and drinks in the camp Small and compact Car Spawns 1 Run should be less than 3 minutes Cons: Risky to get ambush , but high reward No Vaccines, you should prepare some with you Bring Military Backpack , or few smaller locker to maximize everything. 1x Super Zombie , prepare the equipment to deal with it In one run , First you need to kill Super zombie whatever way you want. and then run into this high tier gun spawn points only, as I circle in the bellow pictures, and then disconnect. My tip is ignore other spawn points, just aiming at these rare spawn points. You might find some lower tier AR guns Like G11, Thompson, M4 , M16 in other places but you need to run around too much. Farming higher tiers is way more effective, because their price in survival mode is high enough that you could trade them for meds , ammo, and armors you want. The car is spawn next to the camp ** Getting survival loot is not as hard as you think ** Good Luck guys
  6. more zombies , more zombies skins , more range human and sound detection from nearby zombies, increase zombies walking speed , Jumping cost more stamana
  7. pretty sure that wasn't me. I station at Clearview named KA JERNG . But there is one guy whose name is closed to me KJER something. But maybe it wasn't him that you mentioned.
  8. Have you tried playing survival mode yet ? Maybe it serves your niche
  9. Sorry, my mistake sometimes my eyes are blur , thank you for let me know it No harm feeling love love
  10. Introduction: The only survival price check thread in this forum might look outdated, and the game itself has some changes and updates. This is the start of my idea to post this so people can check ,and look for the item value. Me myself has a lot of experience in survival trade. So many people I have sold and traded item with. I'm quite good at farming and I farm a lot in game. I know where to find specific items, I have traveled and checked towns and cities all over the map. I understand the game mechanics in both open world and survival. I know how difficult to earn GD from Open world , also know how difficult to farm in survival mode. The price is only from my feeling by comparing to all those things that I have mentioned. My goal is to everyone to know the standard price, the price which is fair and happy for both buyers and sellers. I know many of us as buyers think that Survival mode trade looks overprice, and as a former seller, I also want to maximize the profit as well. I understand both feeling. and I'm think about many aspects of the loot. Is it fair to sell stanag 30 for 15k- 20k , compare to killing few zombies and get 2 painkillers which as a price of now is about 10k-15k each ? Is it fair to sell L85 gun for 100k, compare to 2-3 antibiotics as of now which costs like 30k-35k each. What would choose to do ? Switching server in military area and hope for L85 to spawn in rare spawn point , rather than Switching server looting in medic center where 1-2 or 3 antibiotics will often spawn ? Is it ok to sell silencer for 15k each, compare to how difficult to get it in survival map. If you got premium , how fast you can earn GD in openworld in few hours and you could spent it to buy survival stuff which people spent more hours to farm and go back to safezone? All of these questions are in my head and I believer other players do so. In Openworld , how difficult to farm a sniper and the their price in trading. You can't deny that a sniper in openworld worth like a few antibiotics in survival. Some people good at pvp They don't have to farm loot, they can farm dead bodies, or some people work as a team and helping together, they got their own looting way. Some some people , they play alone , or not good at pvp. they prefer farming which look safer but slower. I didn't list all of the items in survival only the common ones , the ones that people usually want and use. If the Feedback is good. I might list all of the items in future. Welcome to hear feedback from this. please reply or comment for some improvement and changes. It doesn't mean that everyone has to follow the price list. Trading survival stuff with GD is at your own risk. Some trusted trader might raise their price a bit because they are honest. But all that , what really matter is the price you, as a buyer and seller, are happy with.
  11. kajerng

    Sneaky Mode

    But how do you get an frying-pan-in-the-people-back experience without sneaking ? and how do we sneaky away from zombie and the big white ones ?
  12. Add more zombies , zombies everywhere. More variety zombie skins and sound effect. , If you can modify models and size of zombie , would be great to have different model for zombies. no need for new feature or new ability among zombies. the current one is good enough (screaming, running, fast running, fast dog-style running) But if you can make crawling zombie would be nice. Keep them real. Ignore the FPS problem. I heard some devs dont want more zombies because it will cause the lagging. But hell, this is year 2018. The ones who got old toaster PCs should change and upgrade them. disable grass options , adjust the old dark type of light. ---------------------------- Decreasing loots rates. Super zombie drop nothing (maybe drop meds) So people will killed it for exp only , or maybe kill for secure the loot area. rare items only spawn in item boxes, lower tier loots spawn on common grounds Imagine in small city (clear view or small villa for example) is pack of full of zombies (like a lot and lot and lot of them) and add 1 or 2 super zombies lurking around. You got guns but not enough ammo to kill them all. stealth is the key, making gun sounds make big impact on life and death. Malee-ing zombies house by house , roads by roads , kill them one by one to get loot inside the house and food, You have to keep watching and looking out for Super zombie to avoid them because it cause you a lot of gun fire, and you get nothing from it, so you probably want to avoid them, or run away from them. Also looking out for people, and large numbers of zombies make pvp more difficult, typical loadout won't be enough to kill all the zombies and super zombies, running and escaping will have to be applied. It doesn't have to be PVE focus , but surviving and difficulty is a must. killing players and seeing other survival players are still a thing. but plan and strategy have to be applied. Like "oh there a geared guy right there fighting zombies on the car. but he is too far away. I have mini uzi on me, no siliencer. If I walk through him directly straight I won't survive that another group of zombies. I need to go round to the less zombies area , sneak , sneak , malee zombies that I have to, and ten approach him and kill the lack-of-seeing-surrounding-type-of-guy down." And also the moment like all i found in these few hours are pistols and krugers and loud shotguns, but then you found an item box and it is M4 AR gun with 30 stanag on it ,and you are like OMFG, I need to go safe it in the safe zone. ------------------------------------- numbers of servers are adjusted according to the players and the size of the map. Each region has only 1- 2 servers. faster zombies spawn , faster loots spawns , people have to scatter around the map to safely farm , taking risk and fight to people for good loot area. Large map like this we don't need. big empty Forrest and roads and rocks are not fun. We need middle-sized compact map full of POIs (point of interest) Larger map is needed when population grows. Basically , More and more and more headcount number of zombies , more zombies skins Pleaseeeeeeeeee
  13. what about those small lockers which were gone together along with reducing servers in each region ? collateral damage ?
  14. paddle spawn randomly and common , M9 knife easily be seen in police station , duct tape usually in garage
  15. Hi guys Since this is suggestion forum, so it's free to state my idea right ? 1. Bring back apocalyptic look. Remember the update where dev cleared out some bushes that stick around walls and buildings. I don't know I can't remember what it's called. to make better FPS or performance. Bring "it" back only in survival mode. Maybe add more trees and bushes all over accross the map. Maybe force system to have good minimum quality grass in long range (Make Guillie suit useful) 2. New zombies skins , Zombies are fine , the toughness the hitbox stuff are ok. I remember dev add some new skin zombies (maybe one of them is the police one , i guess) make them more (maybe 8+ more) Doctor zombies, office worker zombies, pregnant zombies, student teen zombies what ever occupations you can think of. Perhaps Exclusively only in Survival mode, to promote the game mode itself. 3. Longer day hours and night hours time. Long enough to get player essentially have to eat 2 meals a day. Let make food important again. Let canned food limited spawn, water and food harder to find. the hunger thirsty rate drop realistically. 3.1 add wild animals spawn them into the forrest (like boar , deer , bear), kill and butcher them to get leather and meat. leading to cooking crafting mechanics 3.2 when kill player , add "meat" drop loot so play can go Hannibal 4. Every guns spawns and ammo are buffed to be super rare as same as Metal gear's rarity. Gun spawn with no ammo or very few ammo. 4.1 People craft every type ammo by themself using different amount of metal and gunpowder. 4.2 Add crafted guns 4.3 basically make craft system more varieties and valuables, turn ready-to-use item to lowest spawn rate as possible (like NVG helmets, good armor, some malee weapons) so people have to work harder to craft them (new craft items like , leather armor, bone weapons) 5. add cold , fever , virus , heat , broken bones, etc mechanics Think of people will try not to die to lose Kruger rifle and its ammo. PVP still fun if we lower number of servers. improved every areas of the map so people don't go play only 1 town. What you guy think about this idea ?
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