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  1. Too bad to remove the race... had gotten very good the character running more....
  2. reshade doesn't work anymore ...
  3. FahirPlay

    Season Pass

    @Sven I finished my Season on 10/25 because I didn't get the reward.
  4. 1. Would not put the same event for all modes (eg DB XP or GD event) this keeps the player stuck in the mode you like rather than encouraging to play other modes ... 2.There must be an incentive to search for airdrop, a mistery box would be very good as it would make sense to run after the item. 3.Drops events need to be more malleable because the drop percentage when there is too low, ex kill the super zombie and drop the box ... there are cases where we kill 10 and not drop an event item. 4.About the box drop on Twitch, this attracts many viewers could do different drop events, box or place a rare item for that type of event.
  5. @jks Sim, ajudaria muito Fixar o Topico....trabalho sempre para ajudar no report e na correção desses bugs de sistema operacional... por trabalhar na areá te garanto que o win10 é o melhor sistema atualmente, porem programações antigas como jogos e outros programas tendem a ter uma dificuldade com a compatibilidade.
  6. Salve galera blz....pessoal que está tendo dificuldades com o AUDIO depois da atualização do WIN10 onde você só esculta o tiro quando você olha para a direção onde o atirador está, fiz um tutorial de como corrigir.... espero que ajude.... abraços... (Colaboração do nosso amigo Paulo Henrique vulgo plx) - Link do Tutorial www.playextreme.com.br/tt/audio.pdf
  7. Pessoal que não entendeu - https://www.facebook.com/groups/InfestWorldSA/permalink/1113169599071808/
  8. Nostalgia is the key, could you just bring in the old Caliwood? With the airport clean without trees and the rare drop. What we miss is a function for the helmet, when you shot yourself in the head and he fell and in case it was night it was all too dark. We miss the rarity of weapons, and when I used a lot it could break, we miss having to take the loot to the safe without dislogging. The thrill of not losing, it was bigger than the thrill of killing. That was the real essence of the game. The division in modes was what drove away the players, I would like the PVP in Woest Oaks, Warmap in Cliffside, where we had fewer snipers (Blazer, AWM, SVD) only.. Who had Sigsauer was God, and DX and Medkit was very rare.... In short, when it's harder to stay alive... More interesting was....
  9. Muito bom....excelente!!!
  10. @Sven A doubt, is there a secret place?
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