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  1. If you are going to move all lockers to GI please fix the bug with lots of lockers near to each other. If you go to Rocky Ford post office you can find 20 lockers next to each other. The bug was not fixed.
  2. Lots of lockers in the air due removed Rocky Ford Mountain
  3. Please add the possibility to change locker password without pick-up and replacement.
  4. https://infestationnewz.gamepedia.com/File:Large_Backpack_(Broadcaster)_Recipe_.png 10 million GD PM me
  5. I think people would be interested in buying unique models / characters. For start you can have 50 women and 50 men characters/skins. If sold the unique character is bound to the account and no other accounts can buy it. Of course price should be higher than sample models 10k-100k GC per character.
  6. When you attach to the weapon some attachment they disappear on next login, even if in main menu the attachments are still on the weapon. Is it possible to save the configuration so when you login the attachments are on weapon as before logout?
  7. Kwilki


    Thompson 100 ammo
  8. Kwilki


    Please add SMG DRUMS (100 bullets) So you can use SMGs like THOMPSON as an Al-Capone guy
  9. please add to the craft menu a fluorescent gas grenade : Color Gas grenade + chemlight + duct tape + wire = fluorescent gas grenade. Effect : when throwing near enemy the gas released from grenade propagates the fluorescent liquid from chemical lights sticks and anyone in the area emits light like a firefly. During night this may help to track the enemy.
  10. When enemy is hit on the head (ideally face), there should be a chance to destroy the enemy NVG. Therefore K-Style NVG will become sample K-Style helmet. Black Helmet with NVG will become sample Black Helmet. The helmet may or may not fall down. What I expect is when I shoot 2 hits in enemy face and he/she is not dead, at least to have a chance to destroy the NVG goggles. During the night this will also enhance the PvP chances since you may leave your opponent blind in the night's dark.
  11. Please add to Global Inventory following magic buttons : Unload weapons = will unload all weapons from GI and stack them and their ammo Load weapons = will load all the weapons from GI with their ammo. Unskin items = will unskin and stack all the items
  12. I dislike the idea of weightless items, this compromises the physical skill tree, the backpacks' role and the whole idea of survival game mode. But it would be nice to see some recycling stuff like : Water 1 L, Electro Aid ==== after usage == Empty Bottle Can of Soup / Can of Ham / Can of Pasta / Can of Tuna ===== after usage === Empty Can Stanag/SVD/winchester clips ==== after usage === empty stanag/SVD/winchester clips etc...
  13. Please add to the craft menu cocktail molotov : Cocktail Molotov = Gasoline + Oil + Cloth + Bottle
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