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  1. Glad that you guys take this situation with the best serious possible. Because of these change you can clearly see there is only 2K left Steam User playing the game it's sad to see it was used to get 10K or more in a day and night player constant, if nothing gonna change for what the community is asking in the hotfix i don't know if NewZ still gonna work with 2-4K players instead of 10K +
  2. If i made this post that's because i tried to play it but it's not working for me my mind is getting fuck*d everytime i try Most of player just don't want to bring backpack that's what i'm saying, cuz it's better to play without seeing your backpack in the back, and i think other people don't want to pvp with a tourist backpack behind me like for real
  3. Trust me, it's not all about me but a lot of OpenWorld players will notice it all the time 1 month , 2 month or more whatever it's one of the main problem with the Smallbackpack thing.
  4. First i don't have anything to say about the Survival , i'm not that interrested in this game mod. I'm talking for all ( or most ) of the Colorado/Caliwood or PVP Servers players. -Backpack : For the survival mod this idea is a good thing to feel the WarZ things back but for PVP Servers and Open World it's like impossible to take it. Of course i got a lot of response like " change backpack if you want more place or weight " Example : If somebody take SmallBackpack Invisible cuz he don't care about other Backpack hes not gonna take a Alice or Military Invisible to have the same feeling with a invisible SmallBackpack. So you guys can maybe make something like this " new backpack place and weight is only for the survival mod " and make the old one back for the Open World. -HUD & Icons : This main new HUD looks great ( not the ingame one ofc ) this one not gonna change the game anyway but now i'm going to talk about the ingame one. How can you think this one will be a pleasure to play with ? This HP Bars.. Most of people are complaining about this new one cuz we don't want to change the basic one was perfect. ( Who ever use the map on PVP Servers ? ) So as i said for the SmallBackPack you guys can maybe make this one for the Survival Mod only, and make the old one back for the OpenWorld or at least make a choice possible ( New one , Old mini Character Health or the Z Health ) Now the icons is not the biggest problem actually some looks great, some bad but this thing make some change so whatever it's ok with this one. -Sensitivity & Positive things : Changing the Sensitivity Bar wasn't a great idea, for some player it's hard to find the "perfect" sensitivity and try to control it correctly. Nothing more to said about this one. Now about the positive things > The new GD Airdrop gonna make the gambling more fun instead of spending 20$ to get -10M Profit. Release the San Pavel map on PVP Servers the greatest city finally. And that's all, i just hope you guys take it serious and made a serious change on all of these little thing that change a lot for the Open World/ PVP players.
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