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  1. And what about event and season items like masks, hats, helmets, melees, trashbag, coins, contracts ... etc? I'm talking about items that you won't be able to get anymore.
  2. And again....Hunter BP at survival always had max weight : 150 kg Who exactly is editing these parameters here? Player of the arcada mode? Will the military backpack and the hunter's backpack have the same max. carry weight??
  3. For subscriptions, you could use a reduction in placement fees, increased order time, the ability to raise and lower the price of an order without an additional charge, and etc . I only saw such a fee in hard Internet exchangers. The size resembles income tax. Imho, limiting the slots to such a small amount ... I just believe that 99% of trades will remain in the NewZ discord channels... So far it’s like that for me: Advantages of placing an offer of sales outside the exchange: No commission fee, Unlimited time for placing an offer, There is no restriction on the number of items in the offer. There is the possibility of discounts, the ability to exchange for another item with a surcharge. With Regards.
  4. every trader(player) has hundreds or thousands items for trade. why limit the number of slots for an account at all, if a huge placement fee will limit the seller in any case?
  5. and how do overprice orders interfere with the community market? This is on any exchange.I can’t understand what exactly they are interfering with .. they won’t even be visible, because only the minimum price is shown. and how does it work? Orders placed at a price below the current will be happily bought by players...
  6. Could you describe in more detail situations of abuse and trolling, and how does this fee for creating an order counteract this?
  7. I have never seen a fee charged for creating an order (especially a fee of this size), only for a fully or partially completed transaction. if it is a transaction security / transaction support fee, how is it charged if the transaction is not complete even partially, but just an order is placed? Canceled the order - lost the fee, the order was not executed (no one bought it) - lost the fee. Nice... #gdetonaebali
  8. Juggernaut Suit - it needs to be fixed, revised. Reducing damage from zombies(30%) can not compensate for a 30% decrease in speed. For example, you can run away from any large zombie without taking damage, constantly changing the trajectory of running (course). But it is impossible to escape using this suit - it is certain death. He also lacks night vision. For some reason I don’t understand, parts for a costume are considered rare and valuable, and they are expensive. But the Jugger suite itself is useless with such characteristics. Adding features such as increased load capacity and night vision would be very useful.I do not see any effective uses for it, other than putting it on the guilty players(killed his clan member) and forcing him to play in it for a certain period of punishment.
  9. The problem isnt that old players have a lot of weapons, because beginners can collect weapons on PVE servers. It will not help them. This is a clan wars mode, not a survival mode, which is why it is difficult for new players(loners) to resist anyone there.
  10. But..If possible, correct the egg contracts so that the eaten eggs are counted as a contract. Otherwise it turns out the whole day people spent time in vain, collecting them.
  11. Beautiful atmosphere, especially at night in the Easter village
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