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  1. I have a friend who owns a hosting company. Want me to give you his contact? Maybe he can host some of your servers for you guys cheaper... He normally hosts peoples minecraft servers, but recently he moved to start hosting Unturned servers, I cant guarantee you anything, but if he can give a better price than what you are paying why not? Let me know if you want his contact info.
  2. Looking for a good clan that plays EU/US. I am on all the time, and I have a godly rig, never lose framerate, running a GTX 1080 ddr5 8gb dedicated to card, 32 gb RAM with 32gb VRam as well. This thing is a beast, you can look up all the specs for it online its the Asus G703 series. Anyways, Im looking for people to play with on this game and many other games. I have a beasty system so there is no game that this computer cant run perfectly on highest settings, while recording at the same time, with no frame drop. Anyways if any players want a good player, who doesnt cheat, and has a great system, feel free to pm me or what not, Im interested in joining an active clan. I play alot, as well as play scum, unturned, pubg, fear the night, the forest, raft, etc.. HMU....
  3. I used to be in AG clan a long time ago, years ago actually. I havent played in a long time, but found my way back into the game. If AG is still around or any other active clan, I would like to join. I am active and on daily, US and EU servers.
  4. An AR server for colorado, I think colorado should have 1 AR server to stop the jelly donut eating kids who sit around smashing donuts in the bushes waiting for someone to run by so they can snipe them from 400 yards away. Make an AR only server for colorado and save us from the jelly eating donut fatties....
  5. Honestly I think snipers ruin pvp, I would like to see a colorado server that is AR/shotguns only or AR only, like the cali wood server AR only. I think AR only makes pvp more up close and personal, it really tests your skills more than just someone sitting down with a sniper eating donuts until someone runs by...that is not pvp, and is sad but true. I think we need another AR server, one for colorado.
  6. I agree with ya there. You need to have some sort of PVP aspect to the game, Survival is fun, but survival alone gets boring fast. PVP is a must for me, and honestly I like this games pvp style, some servers you can get away with camping an area with a sniper, and other servers you have to be more hands on up close and personal. Either way, there has to be pvp aspect to the game otherwise people would get tired of doing the same repetitive actions over and over without being able to put any of the stuff they find to good use.
  7. Simply for me I like the game play, I think the design is nice, the game runs smooth for me no issues at all. I like the scavenging aspect of the game, and the pvp aspect of the game, to me I love zombie apocalypse survival style games. This game is very enjoyable to me because even though Dayz and other games are nice, I like this games pvp more, the open world, sneakiness aspect, its not the norm for the games I normally play, It is different in a good way to me. I'd hate to see this game shut down. I personally like how the pvp system is, if you don't like it, or others don't like it, fine that's your opinion, but my opinion is it's a nice game, and it's fun as fuck. I literally spend hours a day playing this, I don't much like the snipers and play pvp in AR only server for caliwood, but to me this game is one of the funner games I've played in a while. I don't "need" to back up anything, it is my choice whether I feel like going into detail and sharing the aspects I like or dislike. Of course there are aspects I dislike, just like with all games, but overall I think the game is fun and easy to fall into. The survival is very challenging and I love a challenge. It makes you really think about which stratigue is best, and it makes you really pay attention to your surroundings. Late night with the lights off, with a doob of some fine herbal, and this game is really lit.
  8. Hello, and I was referring to the north america player base, which is non existant almost. I noticed later that the european player base isnt bad at all, and have been playing there mostly. So no, its not as bad as I thought it was when I first started playing. For NA server list when i first started all servers were 0 or 1 player, accept 1 that had 3 players. I had not noticed you could change regions at that time, so to me it looked like it had no players. I have figured out the region change now, and have found more players to be in europe.
  9. E. None of the above. The CORRECT ANSWER is CaliWood! Nuff said.
  10. Wait we are allowed to use macros? I dont like that, if macros are allowed then why not just allow chams, aimbot and everything else? I think macros should be bannable. Good thing im not the admin or dev haha id ban all macro users.
  11. Hi, I know I am new here, but I am on almost 24/7. I love the game, wish more players would play but thats out of my control. I would like to know what are the chances of getting a Survival map of caliwood? I mean the map is already created, all that really needs to be done is lowering the spawn rates, and adding more zombies in, as well as tampering with the zombie health/headshot etc. I know I say "all" that needs to be done, like it is an easy job. I know its not an easy job and will take some time to do the modifications, but is this ever going to be a thing? I know I for one would love to have cali as a survival map, and I know a lot of others would as well. I mean dont get me wrong, I love colorado survival, but it gets old after a while, anyways thanks for your time, have a great day!
  12. Wow, thanks for all the feedback. And Miranda ty for all you have done for me in game, you really helped me out a lot by giving me those items you did. I wouldnt have been able to progress so fast had you not been there to help a noobie like me out. So Thank You Edited: Miranda is a really great player with a great heart. She/he helped me out more than I could ever repay to him/her. I mean he/she really helped me out and loaded me up with items, and not just garbage items, I mean he/she really gave me a lot. I'm still in shock because most games like this it is rare for another player who dont know you to give as much stuff as she/he did. Truly a great heart on him/her.
  13. Yes, I am in agreement with disabling the UI for the mission. It is annoying to have that big screen up 24/7, I mean at times it is nice for easy reference, but it would be greatly appreciated to be able to chose whether it is on the screen or not, I personally would like to be able to close the mission box at times, so I am in favor of this.
  14. Hey Im new to the game only been playing a week now. Why doesnt this game have a bigger player base? Seriously? This game is awesome to me, the forests and graphic look good to me, the gameplay is fun and challenging, It's open world apocalyptic survival, so why is player count so low? It would be nice to see some more players here, I mean I run into 5 ppl at the most on a server, usually 1 or 2 though. This saddens me, as I find this game to be a very nice well developed game. Great UI, no lag issues, servers are stable enough, I dont get it. What can we do to bring more people into this game? Has this game ever had a big player base? If so why did we lose it? I seriously love this game so far, and am sad there isnt enough players in survival to team up with or pvp with. Pvp servers suck to me, everyone uses the same weapon combination, snipers. Just snipers is no fun, I like the chase, the thrill of spraying, ambushing, ducking, hiding, etc... This game has so much potential I dont understand why no one really plays.
  15. Thanks RDK. I didnt know about the discord trade, very useful information.
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