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  1. what problems with this game
  2. there is still a problem, .ma with clan rent the server we spend the money I itself had the servers and заню the price BUT we pay you with double profit for you, to a .pocheum spam of predmer in boxes is changeable??????
  3. So dear I want to listen to the options of compensation to me
  4. do you have any idea how much time I needed to earn 5 icons of a specialist pve // ???
  5. the fact is that I have 2 accounts and having decided to transfer specialist icons from one to another, I couldn’t enter the game for too long because of your anti-cheat error
  6. all my patience is gone I file a complaint in steam then your game is not playable !!!!
  7. FOX335

    some suggestions

    instead of tgy to play and earn $ they ask... go and earn in a game!!!!!
  8. FOX335

    some suggestions

    I suggest to punish beggars who ask game $ to the tredein
  9. dear give the reference please where to direct complaints to mistakes and offers on a gameNEW Z

  10. now a man is visible in the car
  11. but I want to say to the developers now the machine is not empty, but with the character, good work !!!! I noticed this little thing
  12. Well, everything is always, only for PVP players,.
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