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  1. Itembox farm search for it youtube, and try
  2. Okay, i understand, and very thanks
  3. Hi! 1, I dont understand... I have lifetime premium, and would be upgrade an extreme account. Why cost 4000 GC the extreme acc? Not minus the ^premium 600 gc^ package? 4000-600= 3400 CG :s 2, If i complete the season, why can not repeat again? @Steve (sorry my bad english)
  4. One question... i completed the season 04. If im buy again season pass, i can begin the season again?
  5. Szykla


    Not cry bro, just you are idio... crazy You're crying you don't have stuff ... go farming! I have been collecting for years rare items, and you say, wipe? this is normal? LOL Wipe very bad idea, very bad... 2) 3) Okay
  6. Contract/Mission xp added the season xp bar?
  7. Szykla


    Wipe? That impossible... Why not play survivor mode bro?
  8. I dead 7x today... 7x! Because lagging my private server, lost 7 car, and all weapon, medkit etc... so i'm not doing anything with the season ...
  9. Very thanks the answer ;)
  10. can there be more GD later? or no? (im seller) :)
  11. Hi guys! I search, but not find the heavy blaze armor price, in new z wiki :S (https://infestationnewz.gamepedia.com/Trade_prices:_Skins#Event_Loot) Any can help me? What is the good price?
  12. What you need? Assault rifle?
  13. There is no official answer...
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